Minutes of September 30, 2009 Meeting

John Brennan, Henry Charles, Christine Ingram Barry Lipinski, Jill Morrow, Michele Petosa, Bill Puglisi, Francoise Puniello, Sandra Troy, chair; Kelly Worth.
Kristi Conover, Bonita Grant is on leave, and Libby Hart.

Kristi recently joined Access Services as the evening branch manager. We wish her success in her new position.

Michele Petosa walked us through the third draft of the emergency manual, page by page. Changes for the next draft are: separate weather segments and medical from natural disasters. Bill Puglisi has updated maps and floor-plans to reflect changes to buildings, e.g., the 4th floor at Alexander. Lock down procedures section is complete. Password will be same for all buildings but is not to be made public. Henry Charles is working on a "suspicious person identity sketch" for the manual that is current and avoids stereotypes. Final work will be to paginate the manual and add new tabs.

John Brennan has created an extensive Sakai site for the H&S Committee with an email address rulhs@sakai.rutgers.edu.

The Committee discussed a roll-out of the Manual. We project to hold meetings in library buildings on the various campuses during the winter break. At that time, we will welcome comments from the broader library community.

Respectfully submitted,
Sandra Troy

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