Minutes of June 7, 2010 Meeting

John Brennan, Henry Charles, Laura Friday, Bonita Grant, Barry Lipinski, Jill Morrow, Michele Petosa, Bill Puglisi, Francoise Puniello, Sandra Troy, chair
Chris Ingram, and Kelly Worth

The H&S Committee met on June 7, 2010. New members of the committee Laura Friday and Michele Petosa were welcomed. The Robeson Library representative will be filled when Libby Hart's position is filled.

The updated and revised emergency manual has received positive feedback and it has been decided to include parts of the manual on the H&S Sakai site. The Committee reviewed the emergency manual and other attachments emailed on May 11 from the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) and that will also be included in the Libraries manual. Among the OEM communications is access to a list of safe locations for the Libraries. We are checking to ensure conformity with the locations in the libraries' emergency manual. OEM lists in case of a fire congregate in front of the College Avenue Gym, the rear lawn near lot 34 or 100 feet from the main entrance of Alexander Library. Dana has the Plaza by the Campus Center, Bleeker St. by Stonesby or 100 feet from the main entrance. The Art Library safe location is the lawn on Voorhees Mall, lot 15/16 and 100 feet from the main entrance.

We discussed the importance of library staff being alert and vigilant and Committee members indicated that access employees are trained to be vigilant and are very aware to be observant.

Committee requests use the most recent Incident/Emergency Report. Question came up does Robeson use Incident Reports?

Lipinski noted that there is a daily crime log that the university police post online.

Puniello reported DTS moved out of LSM. Projects will be carpet replacement in government documents and window replacements in the older section of Alexander. More art will be displayed. Terrific news is that a café in the lower level of Alexander is planned.

Respectfully submitted,
Sandra Troy

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