Minutes of February 14, 2012 Meeting

Sandra Troy, Barry Lipinski, Bill Puglisi, Kelly Worth, Keir Reavie, Jill Morrow, Laura Friday, Bonita Grant, Michele Petosa, Monique Whittle. Guest: Anne Butman and Ashwin Bijur.
Henry Charles, Françoise Puniello, John Brennan.

Sandy introduced guest speaker Anne Butman who discussed the emergency phone plan and switch to VOIP. Ashwin Bijur will be the IIS liaison for VOIP when Anne is promoted to Project Manager in OIT on Livingston. With the installation of VOIP if there is a power outage, you will lose both computer and phone capabilities. Old style analog phones, however, will work if plugged into a wall jack/fax machine. It may be helpful to keep a flashlight in areas without access to windows in case of emergency. In a non life threatening situation when the power goes out, an existing analog phone, an analog phone plugged into a fax port, or a cell phone would be used to contact facilities to determine the problem and possible repair time. In a true emergency, all employees and guests would leave the building as noted in the Emergency Manual, and cell phones would be used.

Ashwin will need to compile a list of analog phones or fax machines, the associated phone number and a brief description of where the phone/jack is located. Camden and Newark should contact their VOIP representatives, Allen Burns and Andrew Wright, respectively.

Alexander Library is scheduled to rollover to VOIP in June. Prior to this date, there will be training sessions offered in Davidson Hall on the Busch Campus. It is highly recommended that everyone attend. Since VOIP uses IP addresses and each phone is connected to a netid, if a phone is moved or an employee retires/resigned VOIP should be contacted here.

Bill Puglisi was asked by Sandy Troy to draft a brief telephone procedure for the Emergency Manual.

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