Minutes of October 10, 2016 Meeting

11:00 a.m.
John Brennan, Henry Charles, Tim Corlis, Laura Friday, Jill Morrow, Michele Petosa (Chair), Joann Polgar, Bill Puglisi, and Kelly Worth. Absent: Corisa Mobley, Monique Whittle, Sue Tel

Review of Active Shooter at Alexander Library - overall responses from faculty and staff were positive. Michele will discuss with Melissa Just, Assistant Vice President for Information Services and Director Rutgers Libraries - New Brunswick, about having another Active Shooter exercise in the spring at one of the branch libraries: Douglass, Kilmer or LSM. Corisa will address hosting an active shooter program at George Smith Library.

Tim will look into the prevention of contagious illness that live on books/journals.

Continue to have new faculty and staff review and sign the emergency manual and give or point out to them the emergency exits in your building. Discussion on the use of fire extinguishers in case of emergency and Bill pointed out he was told staff were not supposed to use them.

The current edition of the Health and Safety manual is deemed fine, no changes necessary.

There was nothing to discuss on training and/or information sharing at this time.

When reporting an accident, staff should go to the creator in their building who is often member of Health and Safety committee. The accident database form should be completed out by the end of the shift. Michele will revisit the list of approvers and send out an RUL everyone letting folks know who to go to, and will call REHS regarding filling out the proper forms for Faculty and staff.

Minutes compiled by Laura Friday

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