Minutes of July 29, 2004 meeting

Susan Brower, Neera Sondhi (chair), (recorder), Melody Tomaszewicz
Stacy Dematteo


  1. Web page
  2. Excel spreadsheet for holdings problems
  3. Update of LSM weeding project
  4. Update of LSM special collections room stuff
  5. Item display problems in Iris
  6. Update on Sirsi test checklist

1. The group reviewed the current web page. Changes will be made to the current withdrawal and transfers procedures. Procedures for transfers to Annex and Bound withs will also be added. Melody will be writing the procedures. Melody will also check if the Marc Holdings Standards for 852 tag, and Common Current and Bound Control Record Patterns procedures will be posted in Holdings Processing group as well.

2. Spreadsheet created for the holdings problems needs some changes. Neera will work on it and bring it to the next meeting. It will be put up on the T drive, so that everyone can access it.

3. LSM weeding project is coming along. There’s a new workflow that Melody finds is easier, to work with for the LSM withdrawals. Susan will not be getting any science withdrawn items from LSM weeding. Withdrawals from SMLR are done, Kilmer withdrawals will be offered soon to unit libraries.

4. Books from special collections room at LSM have been worked on. Monographs were transferred to special collections or other libraries. Some that were not in the system will have a brief record created, while certain copy’s 2 will be left in there just for looks.

5. We reviewed a few item display problems in Iris. If the title is a dead one no more than four commas will be allowed in the marc, otherwise an 866 will be created for the record. For current title no decision has been made yet. It was also suggested that other complex item display problems to be discussed with Paul, as he is the leader of the Item Standardized Group.

6. Susan and Neera worked on the Sirsi test ckecklist and seemed to have no problems. Melody did mention of the Edit Copy button that was very useful when working on copy 2 at a different location.

It was suggested that we invite Linda Zuckerman to be a part of the group.


  1. Melody will write the procedures for bound withs, transfers (annex and last copy), and withdrawals
  2. Melody will e-mail Paul for items not consecutive when looking up in Workflows
  3. Susan will check with Linda to be a part of the group
  4. Neera to have a student look for duplicate records in the trays for holdings problems
  5. Susan and Neera to check with the SWAT team members regarding the holdings problems in the trays, if they want to keep them together or separate them as easy and complex.
  6. Neera to work on the excel spreadsheet
  7. Neera to discuss with Sal how switch the current and bound marc’s
  8. Susan and Neera to finish the checklist, work on bound withs

Next meeting: August 26, 2004 Location: ALEX Time: 10:00 am

Next recorder: Ingrid Diaz-Silva
Backup recorder: Melody Tomaszewicz

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/holdings/minutes/holdings_04-07-29.shtml
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