Minutes of November 9, 2007 meeting

Susan Brower, Fatima Cunha, Jean Madden, Jamie Maguire (recorder), Neera Sondhi, Melody Tomaszewicz, Linda Zuckerman (chair)
Dean Meister


  1. Approve Minutes
  2. Discuss Shadowed Records
  3. Current Projects/Info Sharing

1. Approved October minutes

2. Discuss Shadowed records

3. Info sharing


  1. Melody try to get answers about Long Over Due titles DTS is holding, need to send to Cat/DBM


  1. Further discussion of Shadowed records.

Next meeting: January 17, 2008
Alex Heyer Conference room
Time: 10 am
Next recorder: Dean Meister
Back up recorder: Neera Sondhi

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/holdings/minutes/holdings_07-11-09.shtml
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