Minutes of April 10, 2008 meeting

Paul Cabelli (recorder), Fatima Cunha (Dana), John Embres (Camden), Jamie Maguire, Dean Meister, Neera Sondhi, Melody Tomaszewicz, Linda Zuckerman (chair)
Susan Brower, Teri McNally (Camden)


  1. Priority slip modification and workflows of materials to DBM (postponed from last meeting).
  2. Boundwith discussion that was finalized at the Government Documents meeting.
  3. SUDOC number format and how we plan on fixing errors. Discuss creating a cheat sheet.
  4. Status of current projects

1. March meeting minutes

The minutes were reviewed by the group. Linda will make some minor adjustments and then send minutes out to DTS_All, Camden & Dana. When Yasu receives them, he will automatically upload them to our website.

2. Priority slip modification

Jamie reviewed the use of the revised priority slip for DBM. We also reviewed the explanatory sheet and some corrections were suggested. Jamie will email the priority slips and explanatory sheet to John and Teri at Camden.

3. Bound-with discussion

Melody discussed the history of how the libraries used to bind volumes from different bib records together. These records types included series (monos and serials), all monos, and all serials. She mentioned the barcoding problems this would cause when these titles were eventually cataloged online. The currently accepted bound-with process is described in a document on the Alex t-drive under the HRMT folder. Melody will add an appendix to this document describing how mono series were bound together in the past, and how to deal with them today.

4. SuDoc call number formats

Paul and Neera, along with other staff, will be updating a cheat sheet for creating and editing SuDoc call numbers in item lines. The cheat sheet will include information and standards relating to holdings, receiving, bindery, the Annex, |z notes, etc.

5. Item Type Changes

Jamie briefly described the effect that the item type changes will have on LOCALMAINT and TECHSR this coming July/August. Documentation will have to be rewritten once all aspects of the item type changes are resolved.

6. Marc Holdings with gaps

It was reported that the proper use of 'With gaps" is not fully understood by all staff performing Serials Inventory Project work. Melody agreed to compile a list of holdings examples where 'With Gaps' should be used or eliminated. This led to the group suggestion that an email list should be developed for rapid dissemination of new developments or standards in holdings processes.

7. Inventory Items

Jamie informed the group that we should be using the inventory tags on the holdings screen whenever we do any Serials Inventory Project work. The group will need to investigate this new process.

8. Other Comments

Elsa Alves will be invited to attend Holdings Focus Group meetings from now on.

9. Status of Projects


  1. Elsa Alves will be invited to join the Holdings Focus group.


  1. Jamie will update the priority slip explanatory sheet.
  2. Jamie will send the priority slip and the explanatory sheet to John and Teri at Camden.
  3. Melody will add an appendix to the bound-with document dealing with monographic series.
  4. Paul and Neera will be coordinating the creation of a SuDoc call number cheat sheet.
  5. Melody will compile a list of Marc holdings 'With gaps' examples.


  1. Discussion of email list for rapid dissemination of new holdings processes and standards.
  2. Item line inventory tag usage during Serial Inventory Project work.

Next meeting

May 14, 2008
LSM Special Collections Room
Time: 10:00am

Next recorder: Mary Susan Brower
Back up recorder: Jamie MaGuire

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