Minutes of Friday, March 2, 2001 Meeting

Leslie Murtha, Chair; Vibiana Bowman; Sam McDonald; Eileen, Stec; Julie Still; Roberta Tipton

Called to order: 9:30 AM

Minutes: (amended) from January 26 approved.

Announcements and Updates

New members of committee - Eileen Stec and Vibiana Bowman. Julie Still's new book, Creating Web-Accessible Databases published. Bobbie Tipton will be a presenter at the LOEX Conference in May. Leslie Murtha will be attending the Immersion Workshop. NJLA - User Education Meeting will be on March 8 at Rider College. ISG's "Supporting Library Instruction" has been received with enthusiasm by Library Administration and will be posted on the RUL web site. ISG's "Instructional Policy" approved by Public Services. Outreach statistics should be reported to Jeanne Boyle for inclusion in the Instructional Statistics Report.

Training Sessions conducted by Vendor - Jeanne Boyle has called for instruction librarians to volunteer to introduce these sessions. RUL is planning a postcard mailing to help promote instructional services to the faculty.

Julie Still reported that the Camden Arts and Sciences Faculty considered a Technical Competency graduation requirement for undergraduates. Proposal not approved but the issue is still under consideration. Next meeting date for ISG is March 30. The April date has been postponed to May 4.

Orientation Planning (Main Campus)

Will be held Sept. 1. Librarians may be called upon to volunteer. A Library Orientation video is available for use. Leslie Murtha can obtain copies for preview.

ISG HTML Workshop Planning

Scheduled for next meeting date - March 30. Presenters - Scott Hines and Sam McDonald. HTML workbooks were distributed. Discussion of proposed topics and format followed.

Web Page Design

Leslie Murtha distributed charts and graphs of use statistics of the RUL web site. Discussion of ideas for redesign of the IS sections of the web site followed. Discussion centered on:

Discussion of the purpose of the IS sections of the web site, clarification of the language used, and the look of the page ensued.

Other Projects

Eileen Stec discussed project at Douglass Library for distributing and sharing Bibliographic Instruction resources among the librarians.

Meeting Adjourned: 12:10 PM

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/instructional_services/minutes/isc_01_02_02.shtml
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