Minutes of Friday, September 7, 2001 Meeting

Stephanie Tama Bartels, Jeris Cassel, Rebecca Gardner, Scott Hines, Treveni Kuchi, Patricia Libutti, Jackie Mardikian (recorder), Leslie Murtha (Chair), Eileen Stec, Julie Still, Marilyn Wilt (guest)

Leslie introduced ISC new members Treveni Kuchi and Rebecca Gardner and our guest, Marilyn Wilt, Training Coordinator for RUL.

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Announcements and Updates

The final edition of the annual report will be mailed. The ISC committee has grown to 13 members.

Jeanne Boyle will attend our next meeting.

Instead of the instruction web page being divided into two panels, a new design similar in appearance to the RUL home page was suggested. Leslie will discuss this with Sam.

Several members reported on orientation programs:

Leslie reported that the Rutgers College orientation went well.

Eileen reported that the Douglass College orientation was good for PR.

Julie stated that the Camden library tours were optional this year and that she did not see anyone come through.

Jeris and Stephanie saw a lot of traffic at the University College orientation. It was successful and the Deans were present. The library video was set up. Next year they will use a better banner.

Eileen was introduced at the Social Work orientation.

Scott and Jackie reported on the Teaching Assistants orientation. The evaluations were very positive. Jeanne approached us to provide a similar faculty guide to instructional resources for the RUL home page. Tricia is already working on such a guide for the Education Department and is waiting for feedback from the Associate Dean. The committee felt that such a guide would enrich the instruction page. Jackie will set a meeting with Jeanne, Scott and Tricia to discuss this faculty guide.

Leslie reminded us that in the fall we need to update the paper brochure to reflect the new instruction pages.

Leslie and Bobbie attended the 6-day Immersion program. It was a great experience. Leslie urged other committee members to attend future programs. The readings were excellent, and Leslie will share these with us. In particular, Leslie enjoyed Christine Bruce's presentation on "The Seven Faces of Information Literacy". Bobbie and Leslie will organize training sessions or brown bag lunches to share this information with everyone.

English 201 Program

Jeris and Stephanie are coordinating the English 201 library sessions for all of NB libraries. A call for instructors has already been sent to all NB librarians for opportunities to teach different themes. Jeris distributed the outline and objectives of these library sessions. This is a great opportunity for library instruction to be fully integrated into this writing and research program. There are at least 35 sections being offered across NB campuses for which 3 library sessions each may be requested.

Instruction Server

Scott reported that with his SAL grant, a server has been purchased that could be dedicated to instruction. Committee members emphasized how much this is needed in order to have the freedom and flexibility to put up content and then link to the RUL home page. This will allow us to produce quality and award winning content. Scott and Leslie will write a short proposal to Jeanne to ask that this server become the official instruction server.


Leslie reminded the coordinators to report statistics to Uma Swamy at the least by mid January and mid July. Uma will be asked to send reminders to all coordinators at the end of every month to send her their monthly statistics. We discussed the form and decided to add a field for Co-Teaching. Adding the Librarian field is voluntary. Instead of Library we decided to call that field "Home Library. Leslie will ask Uma to make these changes in the Access database.

Staff Training Initiatives

Marilyn Wilt has been working with a training advisory committee, attending many meetings, and introducing herself. After this marketing campaign, implementation will start in spring.

She will begin with team or community development programs. These soft skills were highly stressed in the Investment in Learning proposal. Other major parts of the training process are a Leadership Institute, a resource for peer coaching and a portrait of the library. Who are we? Where are we going? How can we contribute? This will be a regular part of staff meetings. Technology and vender training will take place but the emphasis will be on soft skills training.

Marketing Intelligence

Leslie distributed a list of curricula, departments and opportunities in which we are involved. A few programs were added such as EOF, Information Literacy and UMDNJ under cooperative programs. This is a good way to gather information before we plan an action plan. We will discuss this with Jeanne at the next meeting. The log files can only give us statistics on which databases and how many hits on the instruction web page have been made. This does not give us enough information to find the level of support for each service. Discussion on course integrated library instruction throughout course majors and general one-credit library courses followed. Leslie asked us to continue discussion by e-mail.

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