Minutes of Friday, February 1, 2002 Meeting

Leslie Murtha (chair), Eileen Stec, Triveni Kuchi, Tricia Libutti, Jackie Mardikian, Stephanie Tama-Bartels, Julie Still (by telephone), Roberta Tipton, Rebecca Gardner (recorder).

The minutes of the January 4, 2002 ISC meeting were accepted as amended.


Eileen reported that while at ALA she spoke with Beth Dupuis about TILT. They are using it for courses similar to the NB writing programs. They found that the total number of instruction sessions that the librarians were providing did not go down; rather the TILT online instruction acted as a marketing tool for them and brought even more instruction in. Eileen reminded us to read the article about TILT, the citation for which was previously provided. We are not ready to use TILT at Rutgers due to coding issues.

Stephanie and Eileen are planning an online instructional module which will address what search engines do and do not do.

There is some concern about who will teach government documents when Mary Fetzer leaves. Stephanie and Eileen are working on a module on how to trace NJ legislation.

Triveni and Stephanie represented the libraries at the University College orientation in January. Their library table was very well received. University College representatives are very interested in working wtih the libraries.

Triveni offered the idea of putting the library orientation video on a CD and using it as a handout at orientation fairs.

Coordinators of English 301 (designed for transfer students) are interested in modules such as what is provided for 201 classes.

Old Business:


Leslie is working on getting a copy of the database that Uma was using onto her machine. However, we will need to have another support person take this on eventually. There was discussion regarding fields in the statistics form to more accurately reflect number of classes, students taught, etc.

Exemplary materials

Eileen will collect examples of handouts that we use. They'll be put on the instruction webpage to show teaching faculty the kinds of things we do in library instruction sessions. Eileen may put them on some sort of electronic reserve file.

Shared Resources

Vib has volunteered to be the point person, and start working on prototyping a page for us to post instructional handouts that we can share. Each person could start by sending 2 handouts to Vib.

SCILS BI Program

As part of a SCILS BI class, students are interested in helping with our BI sessions. Let Leslie know if you are interested in working with these interns.


Trisha will coordinate workshops based on immersion concepts. Bobbie, Eileen, and Leslie will work with her. Marilyn Wilt will provide support. The workshops would also be appropriate for those teaching graduate students. Might also draw on teaching faculty to be involved.

Instruction for Graduate Students

Trisha distributed a handout, "Information Summary Sheet for Bibliographic Research" that she uses to work with graduate students.

New Business:

NB English 201 Program

Problem: we are overwhelmed, both in terms of library instructors and being able to book so many sessions in the classrooms.

Possible ways to help alleviate:

1) "Train the trainers" (ie we train teaching instructors)

2) Automate (put certain modules online)

3) Work with Vale libraries to collaborate on ways to teach indexes we have in common

4) Eileen's secret batgirl idea

Also need to formally reiterate that teaching is a responsibility, not just voluntary--perhaps at an NBL meeting.

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