Minutes of April 5, 2002 Meeting

Eileen Stec, Rebecca Gardner, Patricia Libutti, Leslie Murtha, Julie Still (telephone presence), Triveni Kuchi (recorder)

[1] Minutes of 3/1/2002

Amended: the March meeting notes with the new date (May 10th 2002) of the symposium "The Fifty-Minute Instructor: A teaching Skills seminar.

[2] Announcements:

a. Leslie reiterated the invitation to Pat Reeling's retirement party.

b. The meeting with Japanese Guests on March 29th was very interesting and the instructional librarians felt that a good contact was established to further our mutual relationships. Tricia also mentioned that a follow up activity is planned.

c. The Instructional Services web pages are up and were announced through the RUL listserv. Linda Langschied congratulated the efforts.

d. The subject specialist pages need more development and examples can be seen off of Tricia's virtual contents for education. Leslie also mentioned that the subject specialist pages will be discussed with Bob Sewell for any changes that need to be made.

e. Continue to send in exemplary materials for instruction to Eileen.

f. The instructional services Committee elections are coming up at the end of this year. Start thinking about it!

g. Vale's Shared Information Literacy group has formed committees:

h. The may 5th ISC meeting will be only for the workshop task force to meet and finalize the workshop plans.

[3] Hardware software for multimedia development: There is approximately $5000/- to spend for 2 high-end dell PCs (Windows ME) which will be based at Douglass. Several librarians collectively teaching the University College Research Methods course earned the money. Imac would be difficult to support so a second dell was agreed upon. The software for these two systems will include a bunch of multimedia software e.g. Adobe Photoshop 6.0, Acid Music, sound loops (royalty free), a bunch of Macromedia software (Director, Dreamweaver, Flash 6.0 MX, etc), Adobe Pagemaker, etc. The Lab (with these PCs) is available mainly for NBL faculty and staff to develop multimedia applications. A demo for their use is planned though a workshop with just two PCs does not seem feasible. The demo can also be shown to Friends of Libraries.

[4] Eileen mentioned that those who have guest lectured in the University College Research methods class can make their Web sites available on the Instruction pages..

Leslie is planning to meet with Au to check the feasibility of moving “Finding Aids” into the Instruction WebPages into the students’ section.

[5] Statistics Leslie mentioned that using the class instructor’s name (not library instructor) makes it easier to add up the different sections. This was accepted and no problem was foreseen to include names of instructors in the statistics. Leslie will draft it and covey to Marilyn for changes to be made to the access database and then it will be sent to Julie Still and others for use.

[6] Workshop Planning: May 10th 2002
Discussions and brainstorming about the program for the workshop planned for may 10th was conducted. Speakers confirmed: Carol Kulthau and Marilyn Wilt. Others still have to get back. Karen Hartman is interested but will get back next week. Leslie had emailed an impressive workshop-to-do list and each item was assigned to different people on the committee to complete. The title of the workshop was decided as: “The 50 minute Instructor: a teaching skills seminar”.

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Triveni Kuchi

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