Minutes of August 2, 2002 Meeting

Stephanie Tama, Rebecca Garder, Jackie Mardikian, Bobbi Tipton, Eileen Stec (recording), Leslie Murtha (covenor).

Changes to the Minutes of 6/10/02 were discussed and approved.


New Business

Preparations for Fall semester.

Netop school continues to be tested. Early reports indicate many bugs in the software. Some discussion took place about finding another alternative if NetOp school fails. Comweb and Lanschool are packages used by other schools. ISC members are encouraged to check with colleagues at other schools to get additional classroom control software ideas.

The updated Library instruction pamphlet was reviewed and corrections/changes recommended.

The meeting with ENG 201 writing program director Michael Cripps was discussed. Alternatives for instruction were discussed, including having the ENG 201 instructors teach sessions they are comfortable with; if librarians teach sessions, a minimum of two sessions must be selected by the instructors. Instruction coordinators will also be working with Jana Varles' SCILS students and plan to have them teach some of these class sessions. Some ISC member (probably Eileen) will be training ENG 201 instructors to teach Web evaluation. In the Fall semester, experienced ENG 201 instructors are being encouraged to teach this session rather than the library faculty. In the Spring semester, the experienced ENG 201 instructors will be required to teach this session. ENG 201 instructors will be contacting the instruction coordinator on their respective campuses, rather than all going through Stephanie Tama. Eileen Stec has begun discussions with Micheal Cripps about creating online instruction. A new ENG 201 topic "Human Rights" has been developed. Steph is developing a guide for this section--it will be available to anyone else who needs it.

Setting goals for the new year. The short term goals were operationalized.

The Evaluation criteria for teaching in libraries discussion will be continued online as we ran out of meeting time.

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/instructional_services/minutes/isc_02_08_02.shtml
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