Minutes of January 16, 2004 Meeting

Roberta Tipton (Chair), Jeanne Boyle, Jeris Cassel, Rebecca Gardner, Theo Haynes (from Camden via teleconference), Triveni Kuchi (recorder), Jackie Mardikian Leslie Murtha, Eileen Stec. Sam McDonald (Guest)

1. Minutes and Agenda

The agenda was approved; the November minutes (with amendments to be made) were accepted.

2. Announcements

Jeanne Boyle announced several possible names of persons involved with information literacy issues for potential keynote speakers/presenters for the May information literacy event. A workshop/conference planning subcommittee will be discussing this further at a separate meeting.

Jeanne also mentioned that she would be speaking with Susan Forman and invited issues from members that could be brought up with her.

3. Sharing of Rutgers University learning goals from Susan Forman's office (http://undergrad.rutgers.edu/)

The ISC members were glad to come across the list of learning goals put forth by Susan Forman's office and thought the points were consistent with libraries' understanding of these issues. Further discussion of the goals ensued. The goals of Critical Thinking and Information and Computer Literacy were considered to be direct connections between the undergraduate learning goals and library research/instruction goals.

4. Recap and discussion of our selections from the ACRL Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education

A short discussion of the standards selected by the ISC members from the ACRL Information Literacy standards took place. The members agreed that these standards were some of the most important ones for Rutgers Information Literacy and instruction, especially for the online information literacy tutorial. It was decided that further gleaning of these standards would be ideally possible only after RUL's online information literacy tutorial progressed further. As the content for this tutorial will be looked at and the tutorial built, these standards will be kept in the background. After completion of the preliminary version of the tutorial, it could be analyzed for confirmation with these selected standards.

5. Discussion of timeline for the creation of RUL's online information literacy tutorial.

The Learning Framework Study group's report recommended creating an RUL version of the Western Michigan's SearchPath Information Literacy online tutorial (a variation of TILT from the University of Texas). Since this tutorial is available on an Open Publication License (OPL), Sam McDonald has downloaded and looked at the technological details to adapt it to RUL needs. Sam also presented the committee with a list of URLs to review various adaptations by other colleges and universities of the SearchPath and TILT. This is especially needed for further analysis of look and feel of these tutorials and modules. A month-by-month analysis of the timeline for this project was also discussed. ISC members divided themselves into groups to analyze the modules for the tutorial. Theo will review the Introduction module. Eileen and Jackie will review the Catalog module. Triveni will review the Web module. Jeris and Rebecca will review the Periodicals module. Bobbie will review the Selecting topics module and Leslie will review the Citations module. Sam will work closely with the group with technological adaptation of the tutorial. These analyses are due at the next meeting on February 6, 2004.

The RUL online information literacy tutorial project begins in January (now) and is scheduled for promotion in the fall semester of 2004.

Respectfully submitted by
Triveni Kuchi

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