Minutes of April 2, 2004 Meeting

S. McDonald, Bobbie Tipton (Chair), Jeanne Boyle, Rebecca Gardner, Jackie Mardikian, Leslie Murtha, Jerris Cassel, Tricia Libutti (recorder), Eileen Stec, Triveni Kuchi

1. Announcements.

1A.J. Boyle gave a brief overview of the planned Symposium (May 6, 2004), involved administrators, the web site registration, and speakers. Discussion on supporting roles of ISC members included the necessary arrangement details. P. Libutti asked for specifics on format permission by speakers re copyright restrictions. [ Post meeting response was made by J. Boyle and reviewed by P. Libutti, distribute to RUL_ISC]. The URL of the form is: [http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/pub_serv/forms/Release_Form.pdf]

The URL of the Symposium website is: Our symposium website is available for review at: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/news/04/04_symposium.shtml

1B. J. Boyle distributed a listing of faculty members who would attend the Advisory Council on Information Literacy ( tentatively seven). The times they could attend were noted. The event is scheduled for April 30, 2004, Pane Room, 2-4 PM. Handouts, logistics, and format needed fleshing out prior to the event. A concern was expressed about the ratio of librarians to teaching faculty (more librarians than faculty)These concerns would be dealt with in the coming month via e-mail.

2. SearchPath Module on IRIS: E. Stec and J. Mardikian.

Sam McDonald opened up the module for display to the group for discussion. Eileen and Jackie focused upon the design (interactive, including the live component with IRIS paired with sidebars focusing on IRIS features, search protocol and types of information contained in IRIS. A spirited discussion ensued about the kinds of results students would be presented with when using a "live" catalog (i.e., it was highly possible that the student would see a record that was "Missing", being processed (TSB) or in an unusual location ( Alex-SOC, for example). Further corrections or re-workings were explored by Eileen and Jackie. The two suggested e-mail contact about further thought on three module.

3.Progress on meeting deadlines for launching the modules

Sam McDonald explained that the deadline to get all done that was planned had passed but it was highly likely that modules 1-3 would be ready for launching by September.

The meeting was adjourned for lunch discussion at the Busch Faculty Dining Hall to continue planning for the Symposium and Advisory Committee Meeting.

Respectfully submitted,
Patricia O'Brien Libutti

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