Minutes of July 16, 2004 Meeting

Jeanne Boyle, Jeris Cassel, Rebecca Gardner, Theo Haynes, Heather Huey, Triveni Kuchi, Sam McDonald, Jackie Mardikian, Eileen Stec, and Roberta Tipton (chair).

1. Minutes

2. Announcements

Jeanne has received an appointment to a subcommittee on curriculum issues for the Barry Qualls university task force on undergraduate life and learning.

Eileen and Bobbie attended an NJLA meeting (Crossing Borders, Making Transitions) which included school media specialists and school librarians as well as academic librarians. Some of the new thinking in information literacy emphasizes K-20 so that students receive the instruction they require throughout their educational years.

Eileen and Jeanne are continuing work on the SAILS project, aiming for implementation this fall. Eileen announced that part of receiving certification to work with human subjects now involves watching a video; this process used to entail taking a whole online course.

Triveni Kuchi is co-chairing an ALA group that is designing information literacy standards for special subject areas, notably the social sciences.

Jeanne attended a meeting at ALA about the ETS ICT project, which will develop testing for technology literacy.

Bobbie attended an SLA session on assessing information literacy in business libraries.

3. Continuing Work on the Tutorial

We reviewed the modules that had been changed since last time.

In addition to the content of the modules, each of us is responsible for two additional items: 1) reconciling our module with the table of contents; and 2) making a Word file with all quiz questions and answers together so that Jeanne can edit them easily and so that we have a record for purposes of changing them at a future time. Please send the quiz files to Jeanne and Sam and the module reconciliations with tables of contents to Sam. Please send all remaining changes to Sam by the end of next week.

We will reexamine the project timeline on August 6 and see what changes need be made.

4. Ideas for rollout and publicity were discussed.

5. We took a look at our pages in the new RUL website design.

6. Preliminary meeting schedule proposed. Most committee members are on vacation in August, but Jeanne, Sam, Bobbie, and whoever is available will meet on August 6. Theo Haynes will run the meeting on September 3.

Respectfully submitted,
Bobbie Tipton and Heather Huey

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