Minutes of December 3, 2004 Meeting

Jeanne Boyle, Jeris Cassel, Rebecca Gardner, Theo Haynes (by teleconference), Heather Huey, Triveni Kuchi, Patricia Libutti (by telephone) , Sam McDonald , Jackie Mardikian (recorder), Roberta Tipton (Chair), Harry Glazer (guest).

1) The minutes of the November meeting were accepted.

2) Rollout Plans for SearchPath:

Sam is waiting for corrections from committee members. Please submit all corrections and flag problem areas to Sam by December 10. We need to look at the table of contents when everything is completed. Sam and Jeanne are also waiting for various copyright permissions.

Possible rollout date to RUL is the first day of classes on January 18.

Harry asked: what do we want our colleagues to do? We want them to understand what SearchPath is, and to become more familiar with information literacy competencies.

SearchPath will be promoted widely by teaching faculty who will be using it to teach their own classes. Subject specialist colleagues will be developing their own subject modules. We need to share it and to involve more of our colleagues in information literacy. We need to bridge the gap between instruction librarians and subject specialists. Sam will send a list of variables for SearchPath to Patricia so that she can examine the assessment data.

Harry asked: how long do we want our colleagues to review SearchPath? It was decided that we will demonstrate SearchPath at all existing RUL meetings for an entire month. It will be rolled out to general use on February 18 with the hope that it would be used for mid term and final papers. Harry distributed a detailed marketing plan with a budget. It will be marketed and advertised in many venues mentioned in the marketing plan including Learning Centers, Writing Programs, the Office in Instructional Technology and Continuous Education. It will be marketed to students with the message that it will help them write better papers, save them time, produce better research and get better grades. In fall we can think of integrating it in syllabi.

3) Web Pages Heather Huey demonstrated the instruction pages she and Bobbie had completed. The committee approved of the changes including the new added pages. We need to build on this new good framework. Bobbie distributed a "Useful Links and Handy Information for Your Syllabus" to add to the Faculty pages. The committee made such suggestions as adding Style Manuals and Plagiarism Materials, and removing Other "Online Tutorials" from this page (leaving SearchPath as the only tutorial on this page). It was decided that the maintenance of these pages including SearchPath must be done on an annual basis.

4) Announcements:

Jeanne made the following announcements:

Patricia Libutti announced her new publication with Eileen Stec, Stephanie Tama-Bartels, Roberta Tipton, "Digital Resources and Librarians: Case Studies in Innovation, Invention and Implementation, published by ACRL [November 11].

The committee congratulated Heather for her new position at NJIT.

The next meeting will be held on January 7, 2005.

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