Minutes of May 6, 2005 Meeting

Jeanne Boyle, Jeris Cassel, Mira Foster, Rebecca Gardner, Theo Haynes (recorder), Patricia Libutti, Sam McDonald, Eileen Stec, Roberta Tipton (chair).

1. Minutes for April were approved as distributed.

2. Announcements:

a) Sakai will be used in real pilots in 40 departments in Fall 2005. Jeris will use it for her course and for multiclass modules.

b) Endnote - The decision on whether RU will purchase Endnote is still far enough off to leave RUL unable to decide how much to do and what approach to take.

c) The First-Year committee of PSC reviewed virtual online tours and Frisbee giveaways. They decided on postcards with Get PIN and RUL web URL will be sent to all 1st year and transfer students.

d) NetOps is up and running at Cook.

e) Marketing 101: Beyond Bookmarks + - Bobbie will share the handouts and her notes from this workshop. Word of mouth is the best advertising was the major message.

3. Searchpath Update:

a) Publicity: An ad has been run in Focus, and in Targum in a prime location on April 29. There was no change in usage statistics around the time of the Targum article. Sean is working on a tool to present statistics graphically. The exit survey does ask if Searchpath was assigned in class. Pat is compiling comments on Searchpath, so please send any you receive to her. Bobbie is working on a flyer for Writing Across the Curriculum in Newark to encourage use of Searchpath. It was noted that Journal of Academic Librarianship in the June 2005 issue has an article on publicity. Email text for liaisons to use to publicize Searchpath to faculty will be available for August.

b) Assessment: What's next and when? Initial plan was very ambitious. Over the summer Patricia hopes to look at qualitative evaluation. Eileen reviewed Rogers' Diffusion of Innovation, noting that early adopters (change agents) are often ostracized. We should try to identify Opinion Leaders and try to convert them to use of Searchpath. We need to explain how to incorporate it, especially to other instructors pointing out that it will raise the level at which they will be able to teach. Pat will compile a "best practices" list on the use of Searchpath to help publicity and adoption. Patricia will write up these examples of use from Tipton of Newark EOF use, Douglass use of it as diagnostic for what students know and what they are confused about, use for First-Years, Transfers and incoming Grad students. These will be worked into a fun, light story for the Agenda, and sent to Harry.

c) Other:

Libutti created an Instructor Narrative Inventory. She will revise for use as a survey tool, and to solicit total narratives on how instructors are using Searchpath.

E-College: a revision of the library instruction segment for E-College has nearly been completed by Au.

RUL could use a How to Cite module for the Reference Desk, because we already point to a plethora of style manual pages, which is overwhelming and too confusing for many students.

"Educating the Net Generation" - Eileen will send the site for this Educause ebook to ISC.

4. Web Page Update:

a) Add easy Searchpath link and how to use Searchpath effectively

b) Finding Aids pages are being revised by Rebecca Pressman. She is adding categories.

c) Please send to Bobbie what you want to see on the Learning Tools pages.

d) Jeris will resend the link to the NB repository of instructional materials.

e) VALE Information Literacy Committee is restarting. The shared database of materials received 40 submissions but hasn't worked. RUL will wait and see if it can be revived.

f) A link to the IRIS Guide is now possible.

5. New Brunswick Undergraduate Task Force report:

Jeanne reported that all committees did report. A summary was distributed to the ISC members. Guiding principles were reviewed by Jeanne. Final report should be out soon.

6. Review of Goals and Frameworks report:

a) For 2004-2005:

Fall 2004 Project SAILS participation: The test results Eileen got have been submitted.

Finish and market Searchpath: This is still in progress, but has been done well.

Development of other deliverables for information literacy: This will be carried over to 2005-6, and should include tools and tutorials for databases.

Develop the White paper for information literacy: This was submitted for the strategic plan. It is related to awareness of IL for library and other faculty, and the broader community. This also needs to be carried forward to 2005-2006.

Consider current and future relationship with Learning Resource Centers: This has been done informally. It is a continuing process. It needs a measurable result. ISC will try to visit these in 2005-2006, and invite LRC staff to attend our meeting.

Reports and discussion from Jeanne (Interface) from the Ad Hoc University Undergraduate Curriculum Committee: Accomplished and will continue.

Revamping of Instruction Web pages on RUL Web site: Done.

b) For 2005-2006:

Work on Web of Science & Dissertation Abstracts tutorial for GSE

Develop maintanence schedule for web pages & establish a liaison with the NBUCIF.

7. Action Items

Bobbie will share the handouts from Marketing 101.

Tricia will:
- Compile a "best practices" list on the use of Searchpath to help publicity and adoption.
- Write up anecdotes about Searchpath usage for an Agenda item.
- Revise the Instructor Narrative Inventory form to collect Searchpath stories from librarians.

Jeris will resend the information for the shared Rutgers IL database.

Eileen will send the site for Educating the Net Generation, an Educause ebook, to ISC.

Send nominations for chair of ISC for 2005-2006 to Lucye.

Next meeting is in the Heyer Room, Friday June 3 at 1:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Theo Haynes, recorder

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