Minutes of April 6, 2007 Meeting

Theo Haynes (chair), Roberta Tipton, Triveni Kuchi, Eileen Stec, Rebecca Gardner (recorder), Donna Wertheimer.

1. Assessment

The group discussed what ISC's role should be in looking toward formal assessments of information literacy. The committee wondered if it might be better to work with individual disciplines at a time rather than targeting broad based general education classes. The Anthropology and Sociology section of ACRL is currently working with the American Sociological Association and the American Anthropological Association to develop information literacy standards in those areas. Also, the Music Library Association has established its own information literacy standards.

The possibility of going out to local high schools to talk with librarians, media specialists and high school faculty about the kinds of skills their students need to bring in order to succeed at the college level was posed.

Teaching evaluation forms are completed by Rutgers students at the end of each semester. The group wondered if it would it be possible to include a couple of questions regarding information literacy assessment for those classes that had a course-integrated library instruction session. The librarian who taught the class would not be identified. Bobbie will talk to Monica Devanas regarding this possibility. If Monica agrees to the idea, then we will ask Jeris to take it to Public Services Council for approval. This could be one step toward a standardized assessment for Middle States Accreditation as well as for the new state regulations for higher education. *

2. Searchpath Assessment

The status of the report of a Searchpath assessment is unclear because the committee has not been in touch with Patricia Libutti, who was doing the final write up. Bobbie will pull together a brief summary report of the large group discussion and "wrap up" held at the end of the assessment project.

3. Access Services Information Services Training

The group reviewed Judy Gardner's communication regarding learning outcomes for Access Services Information Services Training. Information Services sessions will be held on each campus this spring.

4. New Business

Eileen attended the OIRT technology symposium. She recorded one of the poster session presentations and created a Quick Time movie that she demonstrated to ISC.

5. Announcements

Eileen has been awarded the NJ chapter of AAUP teaching award for 2007. The presentation will be on April 20th.

Also, as I write up these minutes we have learned that two members of our committee, Triveni Kuchi and Eileen Stec have been promoted to Librarian II with tenure. Congratulations!!

* Post Script:

Bobbie contacted Monica Devanas about the teaching evaluation forms. She reports that we are not able to add a standard library instruction question to these forms and that "The alternatives we do have are: 1) Ask professors with whom we have worked to add their own questions, which is of course permissible; or 2) Modify and use a form Joe Delaney at Ctaar (sp?) has developed for mid-course evaluation to improve teaching. It is a brief and fairly standard online questionnaire that Joe will make available to the library system for our classes if we wish. View the form at: http://ctaar.rutgers.edu/online_survey/OnlineRating.html."

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