Strategy for Information Literacy

Technology has given us unprecedented opportunities to support the educational experience of our students. We have made available a carefully developed suite of electronic resources and services that students can access through IRIS, our online catalog, and our website. A major remaining challenge is to use technology to ensure that information literacy is a measurable learning outcome for all students.

The Rutgers University Libraries have the capability to develop the expertise, technical infrastructure, and campus relationships that are the necessary ingredients of a digital information literacy program. The desired characteristics of the program are that it develops information competencies necessary for academic achievement, career success, and lifelong learning; that it promotes information equity by scaling to engage all students, both undergraduate and graduate, at some point during their time at Rutgers; and that it is created in partnership with the teaching faculty as an integral piece of the curriculum and is available to students at the point of need. Librarian roles, especially in undergraduate education, will blend instruction in the classroom with work as developers and advisers.

Our work over the near term will be to develop a suite of digital information literacy modules that can be customized for various disciplines and courses. We will work with the systemwide library advisory committee and other groups to create the essential faculty partnerships that will give our work meaning and purpose. We will incorporate recommendations of the Middle States Commission on Higher Education and the ACRL information literacy guidelines and competencies into our work and identify and study exemplary digital information literacy projects. While pursuing these efforts at Rutgers, we will continue to provide leadership and support to the shared information literacy initiative of VALE.

Approved by Cabinet, June 3, 2003

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