Minutes for April 8, 2003 Meeting

C. Sterback, R. Bogan, F. Tehrani and G. Smulewitz (recorder)

Camden Weeding Project

Camden has identified "not last copy items" and they are being charged to a specific patron record. Reference was made to the Douglass Rationalization Project regarding use of automation for efficiency. It may be considered as a template for other weeding projects. G. Smulewitz will distribute information pertaining to the process so that it can be evaluated further. R. Bogan, C. Sterback and G. Smulewitz will meet to discuss automated holdings management.

Transient Collections

R. Bogan cited an article in "College and research libraries" which mentions that metrics are needed to evaluate the timing of the processing of material from acquisitions to shelf, including best and worst of circumstances. Discussion ensued as to how to approach gathering a measurement. Should it be done using a test bed, should everything be measured and should the measurement come through slips or through the markers that are in the catalog? In addition, should the measurement include purchased items as well as gifts and unit receipts? There may not be a distinction in the catalog records of gifts and unit receipts and that of purchased items other than purchase order. It will be difficult to solely use the system to gather measurements. The measurement is not about performance but a sense of timing and what percentage of time do the exceptions fall into. No matter how the measurements are gathered, the department heads must first be apprised of the efforts to get data for evaluation. Ruth will ask Rhonda for figures she gathered most recently on how quickly books move through cataloging. ISAWG will look over these numbers in committee. Then, after the Catalog Librarians have discussed workflow issues (now scheduled for May meeting), invite Rhonda to our meeting to decide a) if we need more or more detailed baseline measurements, and b) what measurements would be useful for her in the future

Chris will invite 3m to make a presentation on discuss pricing RFID.

From the information we have gathered so far, it was decided that the report offered to G. Agnew in May will be an interim report. There is more work to do to determine and recommend where automation and technology will enhance recon projects, weeding projects and transient collections.

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