Minutes for May 24, 2005 Meeting

Ruth Bogan, Judy Gardner, Elizabeth Leister, Gracemary Smulewitz, Christopher Sterback (recorder)

1. Update on Systems batch withdrawals from IRIS

Chris distributed a spreadsheet summarizing the status of outstanding batch withdrawals.

a. There are 8,131 Geaclost Long Overdue items awaiting removal by RLIN. Once RLIN removes the bibliographic records Chris will remove the items from IRIS

b. There are 839 duplicate RLIN records awaiting removal by RLIN.

c. There are 793 items charged to the BATCHWITH user in March 2005 awaiting removal by RLIN. These include items from the LSM weeding project and other smaller weeding projects performed in NBL.

d. The remaining groups of items have not been processed yet and will wait until RLIN is caught up with our weekly cataloging. The groups of items waiting in the queue are:

Project/Source   No. of Items
RLINDISCARD-APR05   89 -> duplicate RLIN records

2. "End of Reclamation"

Chris reported that the approximately 500 bib records in this group have now been removed from OCLC, RLIN, and IRIS. As DBM is working on the OCLC errors they will confirm whether the record still exists in IRIS before determining the appropriate course of action.

3. Alex recon items charged to MISSING

There is now an accelerated workflow to search for and, if not found, withdraw items added by recon and identified to be MISSING. This workflow now includes a search at the library Annex, since we know some items were transferred to the Annex but this location change was not reflected on the shelf-list card. In the last extract of 271 items that were recon/missing, 18 were found at the Annex and 5 were in Alex but added as second copies.

Special Collections expressed an interest in seeing reports of Alex recon items charged to Missing because they believe some items were transferred to their unit but not noted on the shelf-list card. Judy will ask Andy Martinez to add a report and/or a search at Special Collections to the workflow.

4. Special Collections and DBM need to use BATCHWITH Patron

Ruth contacted Systems in early April about whether Special Collections and DBM could charge their routine withdrawals to the BATCHWITH patron. As long as they are appropriately trained Chris did not see any reason to separate their items into a separate workflow and that they could charge items to BATCHWITH. Ruth subsequently trained Silvana, Melissa, and DBM on the use of BATCHWITH.

5. XFOLIO inventory

Chris reported that, about 4 months ago, Bob received a request from Special Collections for a report so they could inventory their XFOLIO collection. This again raises the issues about standardizing procedures and setting priorities since embarking on these projects affects a number of units, not just the one that made the request. ISAWG team members believe we should post our guidelines and the process on the ISAWG web page so that we can provide guidance to future requestors. Chris will make a concerted effort to update our web pages and Gracemary will take the issue of prioritization to TSC.

6. Serials inventory

Gracemary inquired as to the best method to set the inventory flag for serials holdings, especially in light of the fact that the inventory of many titles are already complete. Do we need to go back and scan each barcoded holding or is there a better inventory method? Gracemary then suggested that, since each bib record inventoried contains one dummy barcode that is used for linking to the order record, could we use this number to record the "title" has been inventoried. ISAWG team members agreed with this approach and Collection Services will go back and retrospectively update the inventory flag on "finished" titles.

7. Equipment needs for inventory projects

Chris reported that Systems is purchasing one of SIRSI's Pocketcirc devices to test its ability to perform inventory and other circulation transactions. Chris and Judy were impressed with the demonstration of this product at the annual SIRSI conference and are pleased that we are able to purchase one for evaluation. Systems has placed the orders for the software and hardware and, once received and up and running, ISAWG will be looking for a testbed site to evaluate the product. Those interested in viewing the product should point their browsers to:

a. http://www.sirsi.com/Pdfs/Products/SirsiPocketCirc.pdf - for SIRSI's product literature describing Pocketcirc

b. http://na.psc.com/html/f4220.htm - for a view of the device that works with SIRSI's Pocketcirc software

8. Incorporating inventory into standard workflow (Ruth)

Ruth asked the other ISAWG team members to what extent inventory should be added to standard workflow. Essentially, should we be setting the inventory flag as items are touched for various reasons (i.e. transfers, weeding, recataloging, relabeling, etc)? After a healthy discussion, ISAWG team members believe that we'll reap the most benefit if we approach inventory as a project instead of via random touching of items. Based on this, ISAWG defines inventory as a systematic, shelf-by-shelf approach to 1) identify an item in its proper location, 2) note an item's physical condition and record if in poor condition, and 3) confirm that an item is in its correct call number order on the shelf.

9. Update from Superconference on RFID & PocketCirc

Chris reported that he attended a presentation on RFID at the annual SIRSI conference. Four public libraries demonstrated their approaches to converting from barcodes to RFID tags, location of the tag, cost of tags and labor involved.

For Pocketcirc, Chris just reported that we are purchasing one unit for evaluation but that soon after the order was placed he learned of another supplier that sells slightly different hardware with a different setup. This solution uses a full size barcode scanner (similar to the ones used we already purchase) attached to a Dell Axim PDA. ISAWG team members were less impressed with this solution because there will be two items to remotely carry versus the one integrated unit we are purchasing.

10. Recon and removal of Alex's card catalog (Judy)

Judy has been approached about whether the Alexander Library's card catalog could be removed as part of the Reference area renovation. Ruth added that she has also been contacted about the usefulness of the Alex card catalog. The outstanding questions are 1) is there still enough value in the Alex card catalog that warrants the space it occupies, 2) do library faculty, staff and patrons still use it, and 3) what are the ramifications of removing/disposing of the card catalog?

ISAWG team members did not have answers to these questions; however, we need to perform a study to determine 1) how often it is used, 2)how many items are in the card catalog that there is no record for in IRIS, and 3) how much extra work will it be to add a bibliographic record if you do not have the shelf-list card and cannot find copy in OCLC and RLIN.

11. SC/UA transfers from the Annex (Judy)

Judy reported that items stored in the Annex are being placed on hold for review and possible transfer to Special Collections. These items are also appearing in overdue in-transit lists because it appears Special Collections staff cannot take items out of transit. Ruth responded that Systems updated the circulation permissions for Silvana, Melissa, and Lida in April. Ruth subsequently trained Silvana so these were probably left over before the permissions were added to her login.

ISAWG also identified that there may be a more desirable workflow for Annex items that should be transferred to Special Collections since this process does not integrate with LAST (Libraries Annex Space Tracker). Once we determine who is working on this project, an ISAWG member will contact them to provide assistance.

12. Robeson Batch Withdrawal Users

Based on information shared at the April TSCWG, Robeson contacted Systems to determine whether they should be using the newer BATCHWITH users to charge items for withdrawal instead of using their own ROBESON user. Chris replied via email that we want everyone using the same workflow and that, from now on, Robeson needs to charge their routine withdrawals to BATCHWITH. Chris will coordinate with Robeson the removal of their own withdrawal user records.

13. Next Meeting

The next ISAWG meeting is tentatively scheduled for July 26, 2005; however, this date may be rescheduled due to upcoming summer vacations.

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