Minutes for January 25, 2006 Meeting

Judy Gardner, Elizabeth Leister, Gracemary Smulewitz, Christopher Sterback (recorder)

1. Status report on batch withdrawals.

Batch withdrawals are moving ahead. This is a summary of the activity since the last meeting:

LibraryProject/ GroupType/MonthNumber of ItemsStatusRemoved Unicorn
ALL DISCARD APR-NOV05 218  12/7/2005
ALEX RECON MISSING2 82  1/4/2006
ALL OLDINPROCESS   162  1/4/2006
ALEX non-roman old cotf 49  1/25/2006

2. Inventory updates

a. Newark - Ann Watkins has run the final step in the inventory process for call number range RT41-RZ999. The final step is to batch charge the uninventoried items to MISS-DANA. Out of 2897 items, approx 200 were charged. Ann plans to begin inventorying the range beginning with PS3501 next. Gracemary also reported that an individual in Dana would be trained in February to work on the uncataloged material encountered during inventory.

b. Updating item records with preservation codes - Chris reported that Andy supplied the barcodes of 53 items in "Bad" or Irreparable" condition from the inventory testbeds. Chris would like to apply the update and confirmed with ISAWG Team members that he would add a new field to the Item Extended Information notes for this purpose. The field will be called CONDITION and will contain either a "B" for Bad or an "I" for Irreparable. Subsequent to this meeting, Chris added the field to Unicorn test and production and updated the 53 item records.

c. Andy's Kilmer report - ISAWG Team members reviewed the Kilmer report and had some outstanding questions for Andy. Also, Chris will use the data from this report, as well as data from the reports of testbeds at Art, Chemistry, and Dana for his presentation at the annual SIRSI conference.

3. Planning a budget for inventory

Chris reported that Grace Agnew asked for a brief update on ISAWG's activities in preparation for a Cabinet meeting. Chris responded that the current priorities are to 1) continue with inventory testbeds, 2) support inventory at designated branches, and 3) create a document describing the budget needs for inventory system-wide.

4. Stacey DeMatteo's recon proposal

ISAWG team members reviewed Stacey DeMatteo's Annex recon proposal. This was a very detailed document but ISAWG team members believed that some of the data needs to be updated to reflect the current state of the Annex collection. Judy will review the proposal with Dean Meister, Andy Martinez, a member of Cataloging involved with recon, and other key individuals and will update the document as needed. Also, in preparation for a new Annex item list, Chris will extract all items with an Annex code not currently cataloged for the Annex and batch edit these items to the Annex library.

5. Status report on Alex recon

Elizabeth reported on the state of Alexander recon. Still to be done are 1) one drawer of cards left from the basic shelf-list, 2) the equivalent of 2 drawers left of Alex Theses, and 3) 2&1/2 drawers of items not found in OCLC. For the items not found in OCLC, DBM staff will go to Alex to verify the item still exists before cataloging these records.

6. Docs on Staff Resources

Chris reported that Sam updated a number of inventory documents under ISAWG's presence on Staff Resources (Thanks Sam!) The documents updated are found under:

Staff Resources ->
  Technical Services ->
    Committees and Task Forces ->
      ISAWG ->

and are titled:

7. Next Meeting

The next ISAWG meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 28, 2006 at 10:00 a.m. in the TSB Conference Room.

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