Minutes for September 22, 2009 Meeting

Judy Gardner, Andy Martinez, Gracemary Smulewitz, Christopher Sterback (chair, recorder), Mary Beth Weber

1. Update on Batch Withdrawals

a. Here's a summary of the batch withdrawal activity since the last report.

Library Project/Group Type/Month Number of Items Removed Unicorn OCLC Hldngs Deleted
ALEXANDER   RECONMISS11 92 06/12/09 57
ALL BATCHWITH MAR09-JUN09 11103 06/19/09 905
ALL BATCHWITH JUL09 6630 07/29/09 344
ALL BATCHWITH AUG09 11227 08/14/09 492
ALL BATCHWITH SEP09 11986 09/20/09 328

b. The WEEDFORMUSIC group is related to the weeding project undertaken at Douglass to shift materials to the West Room from the East Room. This was done in preparation for Media's move to Douglass.

c. The quarterly withdrawal of items charged to BATCHWITH is currently being done monthly to accommodate the large number of items being weeded from Robeson's collection.

2. Review of user records and loan rules department level or system-wide users

ISAWG team members reviewed the user records and associated loan policies used to process materials in Unicorn for such things as batch withdrawals, the bindery, preservation, items marked temporarily unavailable, and items checked out to various departments. Since a number of these records were created over many years, some since the migration to Unicorn, the configuration of these user records was not always consistent. ISAWG members recommended a number of changes that Chris will use to update the configuration tables and user records in Unicorn. Once done, items charged to these users should be more consistent and predictable and should better prepare us for any future database migration.

3. Review of inventory projects

a. Recently completed projects

Andy reported on recently completed inventory projects. Mike Mansouri and his team inventoried over 13,000 items in the FOLIO, REF, and STACKS collections at PHYSICS. 1300 items were inventoried in the LSM FOLIO collection. Elsa Alves completed inventory of the 1300 items in the DANA CAMOES collection and almost 2000 items in the QA76 call number range in DANA STACKS. The next step is to handle the uncataloged items found in the inventory process. The appropriate selector will determine whether the uncataloged item should be kept or withdrawn. If kept, the item will be searched in Unicorn. If a record is found, the copy will be added. If no record is found, a fuller brief record will be created.

b. Next inventory projects

Andy reported that the next inventory projects planned are 1) Chemistry, 2) a section of LSM STACKs, and 3) another range at Dana, perhaps TK.

c. Andy reported that he has been testing Unicorn reports to identify a workflow that could be used to keep inventory up to date at the libraries where inventory has been completed. As a test, he created a report of items at the Art library Ref collection that were not inventoried, then asked Art staff to search for the items. Anything that was found was inventoried and those items not found were charged to MISSING. Andy reported that, out of the 122 items added to Art REF in the last 2-3 years, 22 were charged to MISSING.

d. Andy has been compiling very good summaries of each weeding project and ISAWG members agreed that these reports should be placed on the library website. Andy will send Chris all of his past reports and Chris will ask Sam to post these under the reports section of the ISAWG pages on Staff Resources.

4. Streamlining simultaneous weeding projects

Gracemary reported that the Technical Services Core Working Group has formed a task force to design a workflow for weeding when multiple weeding projects are being performed simultaneously. There is a concern that, if collections in the same call number range at different libraries are being weeded by different groups, items could be inappropriately weeded from the collection, because they are not aware of retention decisions separately made by others.

5. Review of checkouts to old PENDING users

ISAWG team members are beginning to review bibliographic records that have been identified as PENDING or IN-PROCESS for a very long time. ISAWG will begin with records that were created over ten years ago but will move to newer records as procedures are developed. ISAWG's first steps will be to run scripts that analyze various aspects of the records in question. Some of the analysis will include:

a. does the bib record have a date cataloged?

b. do the items attached to these bibs have real barcodes or are they auto-generated?

c. are the bib records attached to orders? If so, are the orders paid?

d. are the bib records duplicated so that the order is attached to one record while the item was cataloged on another?

6. Next ISAWG meeting

The next ISAWG meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, December 22, 2009 at 10:00 a.m. in the TSB Conference Room.

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