Minutes of November 19, 1998 Meeting

Kalaivani Ananthan, Natalie Borisovets, Jeris Cassel (recorder), Emily Fabiano, Jackie Mardikian, Pat Piermatti, Mark Witteman, Bob Warwick

Bob Warwick chaired the meeting at the request of the chair Ann Scholz-Crane who could not be present due to illness.


Scholz-Crane will be asking Sam McDonald to place PAC meeting notes on the Web.

Follow-Ups to Decisions Made at Last Meeting

Navigational Buttons

K. Anathan demonstrated the work she has been doing with the navigational buttons. Consensus was for the duplication of the light blue navigational buttons at the top and bottom of all the WebCat screens except for the following shorter screens: initial Search screen, initial Reserve Desk screen, introductory Self-Services screen, and the initial screens of the Self-Services functions (i.e., Change Your Pin, Your Library Record, and Renew Your Checkouts).

The group discussed the need for all the blue buttons RESERVE DESK and INTERLIBRARY LOAN on every screen and the wording "Reserve Desk". Consensus was to duplicate all the blue buttons on all WebCat screens except for the shorter screens listed above. Including the Reserve Desk and Interlibrary Loan button provides convenience and consistency and no negative impact is foreseen in doing so. Consensus was to keep the wording on the reserve button since it more accurately reflects the function than any other wording at this time.

The group recommended that the REQUEST ITEM button be placed to the far right of the email/download checkbox. This will make it easier to see and, hopefully, help reduce the number of Rutgers items being submitted through interlibrary loan.

Consensus was to change the wording on the EMAIL/CAPTURE button to EMAIL/DOWNLOAD.

Interlibrary Loan Screen

K. Anathan demonstrated changes in the initial Interlibrary Loan screen. Responses from the group included the screen was too wordy and not transparent. Recommendations were to put

"NOT" in red, to make the messages more concise, and to invite Judy Gardner to the next meeting to discuss the screen messages.

Displaying Author Tags in Hit Lists

Witteman raised the issue of displaying authors tags (1xx, 7xx) in hit lists and how the absence of the tags display particularly for Special Collections items. Displaying both 1xx and 7xx tags will display some information twice. Another option might be to display just the 1xx, not the 7xx tag. Consensus was that the advantages to displaying the authors tags (1xx, 7xx) in the hit list outweighed the disadvantages.

Report IRIS Errors Form

K. Anathan demonstrated a draft form for reporting errors in IRIS records via WebCat. Consensus was that the form was a great idea. After discussion on clarification of the intention of the form for users, the group agreed that the form should be labeled "Report IRIS Item Errors" rather than "Report IRIS Errors" in the hopes that users will understand that the form is for reporting errors within IRIS records and not technical WebCat errors. Consensus was that a button labeled REPORT AN ERROR should be placed before the EXIT IRIS button.

The group discussed the possibility of reporting missing books via WebCat in the future. A category for reporting missing books could be added to the report form or a separate report form could be created. Consensus was to invite Judy Gardner, head of the Circulation Subcommittee, to attend the next PAC meeting for the purpose of getting her input and recommendations regarding this matter.

Since we often decide upon system changes based on speculation of user reactions, responses, etc., the group agreed that we should give consideration to having a focus group of users for feedback. This will be an agenda item for the next meeting. A future agenda item should be a discussion of changes in the level of buttons, especially if more buttons are added.

In the future, should there be two levels of buttons?

Serials Tags

Warwick raised the issue of the serials titles information provided in the 785 tag and second indicator 7 which notes a later title that is really the merged title. The group agreed to his recommendation that the indicator wording should more accurately reflect what it really is.

Priorities and Next Meeting Agenda

The group reviewed the list of unresolved items discussed at the last meeting for developing the next meeting agenda. Piermatti also raised the issue of the difficulty in finding series as an item for consideration.

The group agreed upon the following agenda for next meeting to be held on Tuesday, December 8, 9:30 a.m. in the TAS Conference Room.

  1. Interlibrary Loan Screen (invite Judy Gardner for this discussion)
  2. Link to full FAQ list via QUESTIONS button in IRIS
  3. Serials Records Displays
  4. Series--How can we make it easier to find series?
  5. Hyperlinks--Hyperlink only matches to full subject headings
  6. Limits--Add a LIMIT SEARCH button under a subject browse display and/or a hypertext link from subject
  7. Add instruction on the Advanced Search screen pertaining to the selection of more than two limits
  8. Short Record Displays


Tuesday, December 8, 9:30 a.m. in the TAS Conference Room.


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