Minutes of February 19, 2003 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz, Jeanne Boyle (convener), Ellen Calhoun, Bob Warwick (recorder)
Natalie Borisovets, Vibiana Bowman, Mary Beth Weber

1. Sublocation locations

We discussed a suggestion from Jim Niessen that the sublocation list in the IRIS Guide be expanded to include each sublocation's location within the library. We felt that this was beyond the ability of this group at this time. It was mentioned that many sublocations are shared among libraries (e.g., PER, REF, STACKS) and that these sublocations are in a different place in each library, making it very difficult to establish such a list at the system level. This information should be managed locally since that's where collection arrangement decisions are made. We suggested that Jim could prepare something for Alexander and could work with Stephanie in doing that.

2. IRIS buttons

Sam McDonald made new sets of the buttons that are used in IRIS but without changing the basic design decisions of the original buttons (i.e., color, shape, etc.). These new buttons are clearer. Bob already installed the dark blue buttons in test and production IRIS. He will install other new buttons in test IRIS so we can look at them.

3. Uncataloged materials request form -- Ellen

Ellen suggested that an 'uncataloged materials request form' should be available to the public. This form should be an interactive online form rather than the pdf form that is currently available on the staff pages.

4. Holdings statements -- Ellen

The Holdings group suggested changing the wording in the MARC Holdings location statements from 'Current' to 'Unbound.' This change would need to be done manually on all of the existing MARC Holdings records. After discussion we felt that the wording should remain as it is. The previous label change from 'Current Holdings' to 'Holdings' helped clear up some confusion and this new change is not really necessary, especially since it can't be done automatically. Ellen will bring our recommendation back to the Holdings group.

5. Email/download button

We decided at our December meeting that the wording on the 'Email/download' button needs to be changed to 'Email/save/print' and that we need to add print capabilities from the corresponding page. This hasn't been done yet. Bob will do this in the test system for us to look at.

6. Initial screen changes

We looked at including an IRIS search box on the libraries' top web page. We also recommended that the 'Advanced Search,' 'Self Services,' and 'Reserve Desk' pages get linked directly from the libraries' top web page, following the Vanderbilt model that we liked. These suggestions will be forwarded to WAC. We then want to have the initial IRIS page mirror the structure of the search box on the libraries top web page. We will also need to redo the Reserves search page in a similar manner.

7. Broadcast search

We are still working in the test system on getting the broadcast feature set up, using CRL as our first library. A few suggestions from this meeting included: change 'CRL' to 'Center for Research Libraries' in IRIS; use the label 'Rerun search in CRL catalog'; make this a table with right justification; put a colon between the label and the results number; get rid of the period after the results number; change the search results display form ALL to FULL. Do we need to have a new ILL form for CRL that carries over the bibliographic information from this page? This form could then go into the standard ILL workflow. We need to talk with Judy Gardner about this. Individual record pages need text to distinguish that the record is not from Rutgers. Navigational buttons need to be added to the bottom of individual record displays. The hitlist display should be structured like the existing IRIS hitlist display. Each record should say 'Center for Research Libraries.' All hitlist pages should show an 'Other Libraries Search Results' heading. Right now the broadcast search option only displays on the hitlist screen; it needs to be added to the other IRIS pages you might get with no search results in IRIS (e.g., the 'ho hits' page and the individual record display).

8. Next meeting

The next IPAC meeting is Wednesday, April 16, 2003 at 9:30 AM in the NRIV conference room in Alexander Library.

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