Minutes of April 16, 2003 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz, Jeanne Boyle, Ellen Calhoun, Vibiana Cvetkovic (via videoconferencing), Bob Warwick, Mary Beth Weber (recorder).
Natalie Borisovets (attending VALE meeting)

1. Report from LIS- Ellen Calhoun

Those who attended the recent Unicorn Users Group International (UUGI) Conference in St. Louis gave a report at the LIS meeting. Sirsi's development schedule was discussed; some of the things that RUL has suggested as enhancements will not be implemented this year.

Sirsi introduced a new product this year, the Open URL resolver.

2. Noncirculating status in circulating sublocations- Ellen Calhoun

This issue arose from the Requests function in IRIS. The system recognizes circulation status, but does not detect individual check marks for circulating/non-circulating status. Since the holds function does not check this information, there are holds being placed that go into limbo. Unfilled holds are checked every 7 days. The situation would be remedied by providing patrons with an immediate direct response regarding requested items.

Three options were proposed to deal with this issue:

(1) Use the same circulation policy for all things housed in one sublocation;

(2) Create a separate location ("STACKS-N") to display in WebCat;

(3) Create a hidden name ("NON-STACKS") to define requests for non-holdable locations that would not display in WebCat.

Of the problem items in the sublocation STACKS, 90 percent are in the Annex. This is a mix of periodicals and monographs. Ten percent of the problem materials are held by Music; relocating some items to another sublocation could solve the problem. Most of the non-STACKS items that present problems are in the sublocation DOC-US. Journals are problematic in that users frequently request an entire issue, not specific articles. Requests often lack issue numbers as well.

Rhonda Marker and Gracemary Smulewitz have a list of noncirculating sublocations that they are using to correct obvious errors. It was suggested that sublocations might include a symbol or the suffix -N for noncirculating items.

Bob raised the question of whether changing item types versus sublocations would solve the problem. Using item types in WebCat would display as "noncirc," rather than "stacks," for example. Bob will examine how item type is currently used to ensure that this suggestion will not conflict with current applications. At this time, item type is not displayed as such; it is displayed as "sublocation." Item types and locations are the same; the tables for each are identical. A fourth column could be added to the WebCat display for circulation status.

Other Sirsi libraries use item type to indicate circulation status. Bob will discuss this with Chris Sterback, and suggested looking at other Sirsi sites to see how they have used item types.

Issues to be considered: difficulty of harmonizing policies systemwide regarding sublocations; we want items to display in WebCat, rather than hiding or suppressing them; and using item type in IRIS should be considered as a possible solution.

3. Update on Broadcast Searching- Bob Warwick

Bob has made some changes to broadcast searching in test IRIS. He has added this capability to all non-hit screens in the test system. He has also changed the display for hit results. He has not been able to get broadcast searching to work with CRL; it still only provides browse searching. Bob has also added the hit result screen to individual record displays in the test system.

When a broadcast search produces zero results in test IRIS, there is now an option to do a broadcast search across all other libraries. The closest matches in IRIS will also be provided.

Bob has added a "history" button to provide a list of all broadcast searches done during a session. Clicking on the number of a search will take users back to the query. Hitting "new search" will take uses back to IRIS (and will exit broadcast searching).

Broadcast searching supports keyword searching, but not browse searching. This could present problems when users search other libraries that support browsing or offer it as the default.

Jeanne asked for a volunteer to demonstrate broadcast searching at the next Public Services Council meeting. Bob will draft a message for PSC members so that they can experiment with broadcast searching. They will be instructed to search by keyword, or an author, title, or subject (the "everything" option will not work with broadcast searching).

4. Document Serials with Local Password Access- Jeanne Boyle

The title Environmental Health Perspectives is problematic. The issue of how to solve service problems that require contacting librarians for passwords was discussed. Jeanne suggested providing a note for clarification. Possible wordings: "To access full-text, contact reference desk at the nearest federal documents depository library." Jeanne will forward this information to Rhonda Marker to implement the change.

Ellen requested removing the note "Access from campus or login via Rutgers account" from GPO purls. If identified, a global delete may be done. Records in IRIS often provide both PURLs and an agency URL, and noted that a PURL is sufficient. The suggestion was made to leave both in when we are taking cataloging copy from the utilities.

5. Hypertext Links in IRIS- Stephanie Bartz

Hypertext searches for names do not include dates. Indexing needs to be changed to include dates to differentiate similar names. For example, clicking on the link for Gibson, William, 1948- will bring up works by all individuals with this name, regardless of date. Dates are now indexed in IRIS (courtesy of authority control) and can be added to hypertext links.

Bob will change hypertext subfields to match subfields for name headings. Mary Beth raised the question of whether this also applies to subject headings containing dates; Bob will examine this as well.

6. Nonbook Format Displays- Jeanne Boyle

Jeanne asked what steps should be taken for an examination of nonbook format displays to proceed. Bob has a document that he used when the books and serials formats were reviewed. The document lists order of MARC tags and what displays in IRIS.

7. Other Business

Jeanne asked if the one-page IRIS searching instructions document is being used, and if it needs to be updated. She will also ask PSC if they feel it is still needed.

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