Minutes of September 25, 2003 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz, Natalie Borisovets, Ellen Calhoun, Vibiana Cvetkovic (videoconference), Linda Langschied (chair), Bob Warwick (recorder)
Mary Beth Weber

1) Minutes

The minutes fo the August 20, 2003 meeting were approved.

2) Old business:

a) Context sensitive help

Bob will provide us with a list of the IRIS pages that have context sensitive help so that we know which help pages need to be reviewed. We should have this list for the late October meeting.

b) Broadcast search

We will look at this feature again after we approve the new initial IRIS page. We may want to try a connection to Camden Law instead of to CRL as our test connection.

c) "Other Catalogs" button

We will try an "Other Catalogs" button in the dark blue button set, appearing after the "Interlibrary Loan/E-ZBorrow" button at the top and bottom of most IRIS pages. Bob will put this in the test system when he can and we will review it at a future meeting. We want this new button to open a new window.

3) Test system changes

Bob showed us where he was at with coding for the new initial IRIS page and described some of the problems still to be resolved. We approved the direction that the page is taking and recommended a few changes that will get incorporated into the revision. Bob has gotten a few WebCat pages from Vanderbilt University to use as models/guides for implementing this change at Rutgers.

4) Early October meeting

Still hold the October 8 meeting slot open in case we are ready to look at the revised initial IRIS page by then. [NOTE: This meeting was subsequently canceled.]

5) IRIS tutorials

We should review the IRIS tutorials that Instruction Librarians write. Good ones should be made known to IPAC so that we consider whether/how they can be linked to IRIS. Vib mentioned that we have some new animation software packages that we can use to create help. Linda suggested that we should concentrate on user help issues after the new interface is finished.

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/iris_public_access_com/minutes/pac_03_09_25.shtml
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