Minutes of April 20, 2006 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz (Chair); Vibiana Bowman (recorder/remote at Camden), Ellen Calhoun, John Shepard, Li Sun, Bob Warwick.
Natalie Borisovets

Called to order at 1:30.

1. Review decisions quick fixes, priority fixes, & general to do list

Quick Fixes (to be completed before Summer Session)

Priority Fixes

General To Do

Brief discussion about what constitutes a "new book;" recent book (copyright date) or a recent acquisition to the library, or an item that is newly cataloged. Will need further discussion before a "new books" list is implemented

Production system is expected to be upgraded between Spring and Summer sessions. Upgrades will necessitate some catalog down time, so will probably take place over Memorial Day weekend.

New test catalog is at http://www.testiris.rutgers.edu/uhtbin/webcat/. IPAC members should visit the new test catalog and look for problems before GL3.0 is moved into the production system.

Release notes for the new production system are available through the library web pages at "Staff Resources/Systems/Useful Links/SIRSI's Unicorn Documentation." Look for "Unicorn GL3.0 Release Notes." Members should read notes before next meeting.

Problems with exact phrases and number searching seems to be a systemic problem with SIRSI Unicorn. John Shepard is investigating this problem with other music librarians on SIRSI forums. John will pass along any information. Stephanie will update the IRIS Guide to further explain phrase searching.

There was a brief discussion about the greater utility of the "Advanced Search" features of IRIS and ways to promote its use with library users. The group decided to experiment with making Advanced Search the default in the test catalog and ask Public Services Council to consider making it the default search for the public. Advanced Search should have a better name to make it more attractive to users.

There was a brief discussion of the use of the two tab option in SIRSI brief and full. RUL discontinued this functionality and uses the "full" display. The committee decided to leave the default "as is."

2. New Feedback and Suggestions from Users: Highlights

Information Sharing

Next meeting May 18.

Next recorder: Shepard, Sun

Meeting adjourned 3:40 PM.

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/iris_public_access_com/minutes/pac_06_04_20.shtml
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