Minutes of October 18, 2007 Meeting

Vibiana Bowman, Natalie Borisovets, Ellen Calhoun, John Shepard, Li Sun (recorder), and Bob Warwick (chair for the meeting).

1. Serials default display the 580 Tag

The 580 Tag is a title history note. IPAC had a request to display the tag in the default display. Bob Warwick added the 580 Tag to the default display in Test IRIS. We looked some records with the 580 Tag but did not reach an agreement. Bob mentioned that a default display could be set up differently according to the format of a record. In next meeting, Bob will show more records with the 580 Tag.

2. New books test report

Three reports were compiled by Bob that were based on LC call numbers, SUDOC, and Others separately. Bob printed out the first ten pages of each report. The reports looked good but we found some errors with the call numbers. Some records appeared in the wrong list (e.g., items with SUDOC call numbers showed on the report for the list of LC call numbers). It might mean that these items were cataloged incorrectly. Ellen will address this concern to the Holding Committee. Li will address this concern to the CMS department, urging the staff to pay more attention to the selection of appropriate schema.

Vibiana and Natalie will check other institutions that use SIRSI and have new book lists to see if they have good features that we can use.

Ellen suggested that items on the new book lists get ordered by subject.

John suggested that the new book lists get broken into different formats.

Bob will work on these suggestions for the next meeting.

Bob asked what information would be displayed on the new book lists (title, author, call number, what else?).

John will find out important tags for musical material.

3. Update on item type task force

Ellen updated the group on the progress of the task force. They have almost finalized the initial list. Some item types were moved on the wish list for future use.

4. Review of recent and outstanding changes to IRIS

No additional changes were discussed.

5. Information sharing

C Client will be discontinued on December 31, 2007 at Rutgers. Some departments already stopped using it. Booking system does not function on J Client yet. SIRSI will add a booking function in its next J Client release. Some libraries will have to keep C Client on some computers just for the booking system until we move to the next J Client release.

6. Future meeting dates

All agreed with the suggested dates of the future meetings. We selected March 27, 2008 as our meeting date in March.

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