Minutes of March 27, 2008 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz (chair), Natalie Borisovets, Vibiana Bowman, John Shepard (recorder), Li Sun, and Robert Warwick
Ellen Calhoun

1. New books list

Bob Warwick reported that he has begun putting together and testing a new books list (or “new library materials list”). He showed the committee his prototype, a spreadsheet (showing call number, title, author, and publication information) of February acquisitions, with links from the individual titles to live IRIS records. Vib Bowman recommended an introductory information page. Bob said that the new books list will be broken down into call number ranges, and would avoid duplications by listing only the first library holding of a particular title when there are multiple copies in the system. When the feature is implemented, a New Books List link will be added to the Library Information links in the upper right hand corner of the IRIS search screen. Stephanie said that the Web Advisory Committee needs sufficient lead time to work the New Books List into the Libraries’ website before it goes live. The committee members affirmed that the new books list prototype was progressing well. Bob will send statistics for the number of records in each category for a given month.

2. Item Types

Bob Warwick demonstrated the current status of Item Type display in the test version of IRIS. In the default display for a search result, the very bottom of the screen (after holding library and call number) has columns for “Type-Circulate?” (item type), “Sub- location” (home location), and “Status” (current location: in library, in transit, in process, etc.). In the advanced search mode, there will be a new pull-down menu for Item Type located immediately above the current pull-down for Sub-location. Stephanie asked if there might be an additional pull-down for status. Natalie Borisovets gave as an example an instance in which she might like to see all books with the status “in process” for Dana Library. Bob stated that after Summer 2008 it might be possible to get that information in WorkFlows, because items will be charged out to IN PROCESS (as user) to make less work for staff checking in new materials. Bob identified other changes in IRIS necessitated by the Item Type feature: an additional pull-down for Item Type in the Search Again screen which appears after an Advanced Search, and the change of the Sub-location pull-down to Home Location in the Call Number search screen.

3. Feedback/new features

Stephanie demonstrated some recent anomalies in sample IRIS searches, and then she reported on recent communications about possible new features in IRIS. Gary Golden and Sam McDonald drew her attention to the Google Book Search feature in some online public access catalogs. The committee looked at an example from the OPAC of the University of Texas at Austin. The link in a catalog citation enables a user to connect to the Google Books text for a title (though for copyright reasons the text is often only an excerpt). Bob Warwick intends to investigate this feature, and he will solicit comments from the SIRSI forums.

Valeda Dent alerted Stephanie to an SMS feature in some OPACs. The committee looked at the online catalog of Plymouth State University (http://library.plymouth.edu/) to see an example of this feature, which enables user to send catalog citations as text message to their cellular telephones; in PSU’s case, this service is supplied by a company, Clickatell (http://www.clickatell.com/). Li Sun offered to query the OCLC listserv about this feature; Bob Warwick will send a query to the SIRSI lists.

4. Information sharing

Bob Warwick reported that Chad Mills and Shaun Ellis are working on making Zotero (“an open source RefWorks”) function within IRIS [this may have to happen if RefWorks goes away with the next round of budget cuts].

Stephanie reported on a variety of topics:

5. Next meeting

The next nine meetings of the committee of the committee were scheduled; the first of those will be on 17 April 2008.

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