Minutes of the February 18, 2010 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz, Natalie Borisovets, Ellen Calhoun, Li Sun, Theo Haynes (recorder) (via video), Bob Warwick.
Sara Harrington

1. Symphony 3.3.1 problems and progress

a. Contact sensitive help is still broken, and phrase search with quotes doesn’t appear to work the way the IRIS guide describes it. Bob will inquire of the Sirsi list to see if they can explain the way single and double quotes around phrases is acting. Our current knowledge of the stop word list may be incorrect. '"to" "be" "or" "not" "to" "be"' however worked as predicted. Bob will send IPAC a list of the known stop words as identified by Sirsi.

b. In future, IPAC will compile a checklist of items to be routinely tested with each catalog software update.

c. Work continues under the hood on the LDAP connections. There is no related work for IPAC yet.

d. Bob has started putting the coding in place to use the Rev C theme in Rev D.

2. IRIS feedback and fixes

a. Bob presented a demo in the test catalog of reworked instructions for Book Delivery/Recall and Book Special Request. He included buttons to replace the "go back to" instructions in the current live IRIS. Send comments, rewording to the IPAC list for further revision and discussion.

b. The group reviewed the latest demos of the Reserves Quick Search page at: /rul/lib_servs/course_reserves_quicksearch_demo_02.shtml and ...demo_03.shtml. The Committee prefers ...demo_03.shtml. Stephanie will ask Sam to rearrange the bulleted list of instructions to match the order of the search boxes, and to add "Choose one" or other appropriate language above the top search box.

c. A suggestion was received that the Media Materials Booking Form be available directly from a button on IRIS records for video/film/DVD. At committee recommendation, Stephanie will ask Jane Sloan and Ka-Neng Au to approve this recommendation. Bob noted that previous work to activate a Booking link in the button bar in IRIS means that the work has already been done. Fairly easy to transfer this to create a Media Reservation button that will appear only on IRIS records where it is relevant. The language on the Media Materials Booking Form may need to be changed to emphasize who is eligible to use the service.

3. Open Source public catalog interfaces

a. base.njit.edu/Integral/resources/website/ , developed by NJIT, is a federated search engine which includes the NJIT WebVoyager catalog. This seems to be a federated search engine still in early development. Not what IPAC is looking for.

b. VuFind.org This is being developed at Villanova and seems to be worth further review along with Blacklight and eXtensible which IPAC looked at previously.

4. Information sharing

a. Director of Integrated Information Systems. A two-day interview was held this week for a candidate for the Director of Integrated Information Systems.

5. Next meeting scheduled for March 18 during Spring Break.

Respectfully submitted,
Theo Haynes

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