Minutes of the October 18, 2012 Meeting

Bartz (Chair), Borisovets, Calhoun (Recorder), Haynes, Warwick
Deodato, Otto


Default display changes

655 hyperlinks (form/genre) – move to production all formats; must re-index all records that have a 655 (72,000+) in batches; form/genre will be added to Advanced Search menu after subject. Will be no cross references in browse results for form/genre since there is no thesaurus for these terms.
028 (publisher number) – will move to production for Music and Scores formats.
740 (added title) – will move to production for Serials format – to appear after the 246 field.

Book/Item special request

Will move “Item special request” button change to production and update User Guide accordingly. The form page needs updated language regarding E-ZBorrow, as do the other request page and the User Guide. Spacing needs to be increased between the bullets for the text at the bottom of both request pages. Bob is still working to get the login to work correctly.

Testing assignments for Symphony 3.4.1

The Test Catalog has been upgraded and a Testing Assignments tab has been added to the LCC libguide. Testing results are due by early Dec. and should be emailed to the LCC list. If there is a display problem, email Bob W. right away. The upgrade is scheduled to move to production the second weekend in January 2013.

Project chart review

New text will be added to the top of the Error Report page: To report a problem with the record you were viewing, use the form below. -- To report a book missing, please call or visit a Circulation Desk [w/link to Service Desks page]. -- For problems related to your personal account, including books you've borrowed and delivery requests, call or visit a Circulation Desk [w/link to Service Desks page] or use the Ask a Librarian service [w/link to AAL email].


The counting opinions catalog comments discussion was tabled for a future meeting.

Information sharing

Next meeting

November 15th – Theo will take the minutes.

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