Minutes of the May 15, 2014 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz (chair), Natalie Borisovets, Ellen Calhoun, Melissa De Fino, Daria Gorman (recorder), Bob Warwick
Theo Haynes, Marie Saimbert

1. Unpaired 880s

As requested by Li Sun, Bob Warwick will investigate the possibility of adding an English language 505 field (contents note) to all records containing unpaired 880s for the 505. The added field would display the note “See contents noted below.” If it is possible, Bob will add this to the Test Catalog.

According to a report Bob ran, there are 674 unpaired 880s for the 505 field.

All other unpaired 880s will not be displayed.

2. Secondary subjects (FAST, NASA, etc.)

It was determined that subject headings in 650 fields with second indicator 7 (authority source specified in subfield |2) are not being stripped from records by LTI or MARCIVE, as was previously feared. Therefore, the NASA headings with this coding are still present.

However, the less desirable FAST headings (Faceted Application of Subject Terminology) assigned by OCLC, are also coded this way and are present in the records that come in from Coutts. The catalogers have asked if these headings should be stripped or retained, and some thought that they might be useful someday. Melissa De Fino provided a brief description of this simplified indexing schema, and suggested that these headings be removed until faceted searching is more widely utilized.

Bob added that there would be no loss of indexing if we removed FAST headings, and by retaining them we would only make our records longer. He also asked if he should look into developing a method for stripping these headings. The group agreed that catalogers should set SmartPort properties to remove FAST headings, and that these should also be stripped from Coutts record batches.

3. Goals review

Activity 1 – Still in process
Review the changes made to the Library Catalog in order to accommodate the UMDNJ integration and the website redesign; insure that all of the information is up-to-date and in agreement, and that any outstanding issues are addressed.

Activity 2 – Done
Review the default displays for the various record formats (e.g., book, serial, and visual materials) in the Library Catalog to determine whether additional fields should be added or unnecessary fields should be removed.

Activity 3 – Not done
Review the overall bibliographic record display and explore alternative “change display” options.

Activity 4 – Partially done
Review the existing buttons and request options within the Library Catalog in order to streamline those options.

Activity 5 – Not done
Look at the default Boolean operator for Basic Search to determine whether SAME continues to be the best option or whether a change is warranted.

The group discussed this again, and Bob explained what was useful and not useful about the current Basic Search. The topic of Relevance was also raised. It was thought that these two issues should be looked at together – perhaps revisited next year.

Activity 6 – Up to date at this time
Continue the ongoing review of Library Catalog related user feedback to determine ways to further improve the functionality and appearance of the Catalog.

4. Project chart review

Bibliographic records

Since the term “junk tag” specifically refers to fields that are regularly stripped from record loads, it was suggested that it be replaced, in the statement in item one, with a more appropriate term (i.e., Remove all obsolete or unused tags from existing records.).

Health Sciences Catalog only

Five items received final approval for the HS production catalog:

Two other changes were requested. These will be added to the HS test catalog:

5. Feedback

Melissa reported that Marc field 588 (source of description) has newly defined Display constants associated with the first indicator. Previously, the first indicator was undefined (#), and the descriptive label we currently use in our catalog for this field is “Description source.” The following recommendations were made for new catalog labels based on the first indicator:

# Description source
0 Description based on
1 Last issue consulted

6. Information sharing

It was reported that there was a request to change all online references to the Newark Campus to “Rutgers University-Newark.” Due to the nature of these references in the Catalog, the question was referred to Melissa Just who subsequently passed it on to Cabinet. For now, no changes to the Catalog are needed.

Text messaging for user notifications, originally planned for roll out by the spring semester, is still in progress. Bob is working on the forms for users to opt-in or opt-out of the program.

The RWJ-ARC library, located on the Busch Campus, is set to go live in Sirsi on June 9th. Their items and unique records have been added to the database and are currently shadowed. Their name will be added to the search library pull-downs in the main catalog, the HS catalog, and the mobile catalog. Their self-check station will be connected to SirsiDynix's self check system. Originally, all items were to be put in a permanent Reserve collection and circulate for 24 hours, but since the self check system will not circulate items on Reserve, they will circulate with a short-term loan instead.

7. Next meeting and next agenda items

The meeting scheduled for June 26th has been cancelled. The next meeting will be held on July 17th.

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