Minutes of the July 16, 2015 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz, Natalie Borisovets, Melissa De Fino, Joseph Deodato, Roberta Bronson Fitzpatrick (remote), Theo Haynes (remote), Chris Sterback (standing in for Bob Warwick)

1. VuFind Customization

The beta release of VuFind has been postponed until July 20th as technical staff continue to address issues raised by staff feedback. A list of outstanding issues and concerns was reviewed.


There is no indication that users must omit initial articles when using title browse
For short term, add parenthetical note next to title/journal title browse instructing users to omit first article. For long term, investigate possibility of having the catalog automatically ignore initial articles in search queries.

A similar note should also be added for author to instruct users to search by last name first.

To save space and reduce clutter, remove the word "by" next to the dropdown menu to avoid the need to repeat it with every menu option.

Journal title search

Journal Title search does not return accurate results because it only looks for records where item type equals periodical or newspaper. This excludes serials that are only available in microform or online.
IT staff have already implemented a fix but it will require a rebuild of the index.

Advanced search

Advanced search customizations have been temporarily rolled back due to problems with Boolean operators and editing searches. A number of items regarding search options and labels were discussed.
Change "Periodical Title" to "Journal Title."

Change "All Fields" to "Keyword."

Remove "Year," "Series," and "Table of Contents."

Review language and format menus (options seem to be incomplete and some do not appear in alphabetical order).

Expand Help text to explain how to deselect all previously selected limits.

Call number browse

Call number browse does not work correctly for records with more than one call number (e.g., Cooperatives and Rural Poverty in the South cannot be looked up by its Alex call #). Furthermore, it interfiles different call number schemas (LCC, NLM, SUDOC) which means similar items aren't always found next to each other in the index. Various suggestions regarding result display were also discussed.
Investigate ways to improve call number indexing.

Add 245|c (statement of responsibility) to result display.

Remove column displaying the number of results since each call number should technically only have one.

Facets and indexing

Labels related to facets were reviewed as well as questions about indexing.
Change "Region" to "Geographic Subject."

Remove "Remove Filters" (Users may mistake it for a clickable action and each filter already has a remove [X] button).

Remove 245|c (statement of responsibility) from title index.

For the future, investigate the possibility of suppressing facet entries that relate back to shadowed items.


Changes to the search results screen were reviewed:

To avoid confusion, "Get Full Text" links have been removed from results screen because they also appear for content that is not full text (e.g., table of contents, publisher description, etc.).

"No cover image" placeholder has been replaced by a transparent image.

Serial publication dates are being pulled from the wrong field (e.g., see result #4 in keyword search for "canal government zone").

Should delivery options be added to the search results screen to make them more easily accessible?
Place page navigation at the top of the results screen as well as the bottom.

For the sake of visual consistency, it was suggested that VuFind's auto-generated book covers would be preferable to having no image at all.

Pull serial publication date from the 008 rather than 260.

It was recommended that delivery options not be added to the results screen b/c a) lack of space, and b) increased potential for false requests.

For the future, revisit the possibility of including links to full text on the results page.

Record displays

Several changes to record display were reviewed:

Cover images have been moved from the left to the right of item description.

Elements of the record have been broken up into tables.

Type-circulate field is now displaying.

Boundwith items do not indicate parent (e.g., West Virginia 2000 Population and Housing Unit Counts).
It was suggested that cover image be returned to the left of item description as this is where it appears in most catalogs as well as commonly used commercial sites like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Goodreads. Furthermore, placement of an image in the middle of the record tends to break the flow of the page and tends to draw users' eyes away from the bibliographic info.

The use of tables to compartmentalize different elements of the record tends to give the catalog an older, "boxier" look typical of early database/OPAC design. At the very least, the committee recommends removing the table surrounding the bibliographic details (title, author, publisher, date) in order to give this info more prominence on the page.

Display boundwith notes for boundwith items.

Request options

Request buttons are not currently context-sensitive so all options have been made to appear on all records.

There is currently no provision for requesting a single volume of a multi-volume work.

There is currently no option for article request.

Special Request is currently not possible in VuFind, so users must be redirected to SIRSI to complete their request.

Review mouseover text for request options.

Error report acknowledgements need improvement. Currently say "Your error report has been successfully sent to VuFind administrator."
IT staff will continue to work on the conditional logic required to make item request context-sensitive.

Add a note field to item request so users can specify volume where applicable.

Add "Article Delivery" button to serial records.

Special Request cannot be added to VuFind until we upgrade SIRSI. There is currently no timeline for when this might happen.

In mouseover text for E-ZBorrow, replace "not owned" with "not available for loan" since users will technically not be replacing requests for "not owned" items via the catalog.

Change error report acknowledgements to include a more understandable statement of where they go.

Book bag and output options

Book Bag does not display full titles; only 245|a.

Printing from Book Bag leads to a page with no return navigation and uses brief records that do not contain complete location information.

When emailing records, recipients receive an email with the subject line "library catalog items" that contains only a URL. This generic message may potentially be construed as spam or link bait.

When texting records, the sender appears as support@myuniversity.edu and the URL provided is often cut off because of the length of the message.
Add 245|b to the title display in Book Bag.

Open print dialog in a modal window and investigate options for displaying complete location information.

Review and customize email message generated by VuFind. Example: "Hey! Here are some items I found in the Rutgers Libraries catalog that you might be interested in."

Include full record URL in text message and change sender name to "noreply@libraries.rutgers.edu".


Is it necessary to add a note to tell users how to search by instructor or course number?

Some e-reserves items are missing access URLs (e.g., Redding, Audrey [21:910:347:01]).

Every reserve record includes "Language: English" regardless of whether the item is actually in English.
Instructions on searching reserves are included in help; no further notes are necessary.

Access Services staff suggested that students don't always know the first two parts of their course number and should be allowed to search by the last two parts. However, this would require a complete re-indexing of all course numbers.

The description tab should not display in the record if there is no description for the item.

Request buttons should be removed from course reserve records.

Instructor and course number should display in the breadcrumbs of reserve records.

IT staff will investigate the missing access URLs.

Remove language field from the Reserves template.

My Library Account

After log in, clicking on basic search tab returns user to my account > checkouts.

Breadcrumbs read "My Account" instead of "My Library Account"

By tinkering with URL syntax, any user can modify a search string and retrieve recent searches done by other users.
Make basic search return to the appropriate screen after login.

Change "My Account" to "My Library Account" in breadcrumbs and everywhere else it appears

The issue with sniffing other users' search history is still being investigated by IT staff.

This Just In …

Should there a link in VuFind to "This Just In…"?
Ask web team to include "This Just In…?" under the "Find Books" menu.

2. Information Sharing

VuFind beta is scheduled to be released on July 20th to solicit public feedback before the full launch in August.

Sterback announced that all bugs in SP5 have been fixed and the patch will be applied as time permits.

Deodato circulated a draft of the VuFind help documentation via email and invited the committee to review and offer feedback.

3. Next Meeting

The next LCC meeting is scheduled for August 20th at 1:30pm in the University Librarian's Conference Room.

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/iris_public_access_com/minutes/pac_15_07_16.shtml
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