Minutes of March 19, 2009 Meeting

Mary Fetzer (Chair), Ron Becker, Tom Glynn (for Tom Izbicki), Karen Hartman, Kevin Mulcahy, Laura Mullen, Jim Niessen, Cathy Pecoraro, Vincent Pelote (videoconference), Bob Sewell, Gracemary Smulewitz, Julie Still (videoconference), Ann Watkins (Recorder), Mary Beth Weber.
Kayo Denda, Choong Hoong Liew.
Grace Agnew, Tom Izbicki, Glenn Sandberg.

1. Approval of agenda

The agenda was approved as distributed.

2. Minutes of February 19th meeting

The minutes, distributed prior to the meeting, were approved with revisions. Two typos were corrected and the wording under "Announcements" on page 4 was rephrased to read, "Laura Mullen will be part of a panel presentation."

3. Chair's report - Fetzer

Fetzer stated that all of the Drupal listings of databases have been submitted by selectors.

The chair introduced her mid-year report to the Council members who commended her efforts and called the report comprehensive. Weber pointed out one omission (p. 2, bullet 3, "policies on the cataloging of printouts") and one typo (p. 3, section 3, "Melissa De Fino"). It was also suggested that page numbers be added.

As a part of her report, Fetzer included an opportunity for the subject team leaders to talk about the one-time purchase selections that were just submitted to Sewell. She thanked the team leaders, Karen Hartman Tom Izbicki, and Laura Mullen, for their time, effort and patient negotiation. Each leader led the discussions on their selections and rankings in their disciplines. Tom Glynn presented the Arts and Humanities list in Izbicki's absence.

4. Budget update and database recommendations - Sewell

Sewell brought the LRC members up to date on three issues, the one-time only purchases, database renewals and two RFPs in preparation.

The prioritized lists of one-time only purchases submitted by team leaders total $500,000 with access fees adding up to approximately $16,000. As there is no news yet about the governor's budget proposal or subsequent givebacks, Sewell anticipates having $300,000 available for the one-time only purchases. He will review the lists and try to accommodate disparities in costs among the disciplines as well as the newspaper database costs.

With regard to the databases update, Sewell and Smulewitz will return to their negotiations with Wilson, Science Direct, and ProQuest. At the next team leaders meeting on April 6th, the group will consider the merits of Academic Search Premier compared to WilsonOmni and LexisNexis compared to West with an overlap analysis as a guide. Sewell and Smulewitz are currently reviewing the usage statistics for about 300 databases for the last calendar year. The data which they will present at the next LRC meeting will be critical for subscription renewal discussions.

Sewell reported on the progress of two RFPs that are under development. Both task forces have been formed and will work quickly to meet a tight deadline. Weber is chairing the RFP Task Force to identify the University Libraries' major book vendor while Smulewitz is chair of the RFP Task Force for selection of a serials vendor. Both groups include representatives from book and serials acquisitions staff, the library faculty, and Purchasing. Agnew is serving as advisor to both task forces. Final recommendations are expected at the end of the fiscal year.

5. E-Books Task Force update - Weber

Weber gave a brief update on the E-Books Task Force's progress. Two weeks ago the group invited Carolyn Morris, Director of New Business Development at Coutts, to speak on the acquisitions of e-books. Her presentation encompassed much more than e-books handling by Coutts and the group found it highly informative. The Task Force members are evaluating a collection development strategy, the value of usage statistics, and eliciting feedback from users. A remark by Weber concerning patron initiated acquisitions sparked a discussion on the disregard for users, content, or collection development in the rush to incorporate e-books. The selectors' role is increasingly ignored as the technology focus of the electronic resources takes precedence. To balance these aspects, Smulewitz suggested developing a policy for the current environment as well as guidelines for the long-term. Weber expects to have recommendations from the Task Force at the Council's next meeting.

6. Library Annex: Operational Overview and Procedures Manual - Mulcahy/Niessen

Available at: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/access_serv/policies/Annex_Manual.pdf

The Council reviewed the updated Operational Overview and Procedures Manual that has been posted to the web. It was noted by Fetzer that tours of the Annex have been scheduled for March 27th and April 1st. Watkins mentioned that Newark and Camden are not mentioned anywhere in the document. Smulewitz added that, as weeding projects take place, last copies may be owned by Dana or Robeson Libraries and these items have not been accepted for deposit in the Annex. The following suggestions were made:

Fetzer plans to invite Judy Gardner, Annex Manual Review Committee chair, to the next meeting.

7. Who's Who Directory - Denda (guest)

Denda and Choong Hoong Liew of the Scholarly Communications Center attended the meeting to describe their Who's Who project and to collect feedback from the Council. Charged by V. Dent and G. Agnew to update the three web directories of librarians, staff and subject selectors, the Libraries Who's Who Design Group began their work last October. Liew demonstrated the Who's Who pages with preliminary data. The entries include name/title, campus, library or building, and department. While the column headers permit sorting, there is also a search box. The updating workflow will be moved to the individual to turn on and/or turn off categories. With subjects, the Design Group discovered there is no standardized list across the University Libraries website. Denda hoped to solicit ideas from the Council on rationalizing the subjects used on the selectors' pages and those in the Drupal list for organizing databases. Some Council members pointed out that the subject listings serve two different purposes with the subject list for the selectors being more nuanced. Fetzer asked Hartman and Mulcahy to work with Denda to review the subject list for the selectors' directory as a first step.

8. Future agenda item scheduling - Fetzer

Fetzer asked for additional suggestions for future agenda items. Several already received include a list of cancelled databases, a review of RUL's collection development policy statements, a report on NJVid, an update on the subject guide linking project and, finally, ETDs. When Smulewitz suggested a review of the usage data for databases as currently collected, Fetzer and the Council members decided to invite her to present at the next meeting. The group will consider what data is collected, the level of comprehensiveness, the adequacy of the data, and the content of the reports.

9. Announcements

Weber announced that Acquisitions is caught up on orders.

10. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 11:50 am. The next meeting will take place on April 16th.

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