Minutes of April 15, 2010 Meeting

Karen Hartman (Chair), Judy Gardner (guest), Qian Hu, Andy Martinez, Laura Mullen, Cathy Pecoraro, Vincent Pelote (videoconference), Bob Sewell, Gracemary Smulewitz, Gene Springs, Julie Still (videoconference), Ann Watkins, Mary Beth Weber, Ryan Womack
Grace Agnew, Tom Izbicki, Fernanda Perrone

Approval of agenda Karen Hartman

The agenda was approved with one amendment. Due to her absence, G. Agnew's report was removed from the agenda.

Approval of March Minutes - K. Hartman

After posting a draft of the minutes, K. Hartman received a few comments which were incorporated into the document. The revised minutes were approved.

Reserves and Textbooks - J. Gardner (guest)

In response to J. Still's concerns, K. Hartman invited J. Gardner to join the group in a discussion on textbooks and reserves. One of the liaison librarians at Robeson Library had been approached by one of the department chairs to make all of the textbooks assigned by the faculty members available to students. J. Still wondered if this practice had ever been pursued and how the textbook collection on reserve would be managed, particularly with regard to new editions and title changes.

J. Gardner began the discussion by providing a brief report on the use of the reserves service. Last year more than 400 books were purchased for reserves. While some titles were textbooks, the majority were supplemental. At the close of the semester, according to standard procedure, the textbooks are returned to the general collection and are usually appropriate for the subjects covered by the library. Having books on permanent reserve has been phased out. While there have been requests from students and now from the department for the University Libraries to purchase textbooks, reserves is regarded as a service to individual faculty members in response to their requests for specific titles.

Council members brought forward further points:

M. B. Weber mentioned that VitalSource Technologies, an Ingram company, offers digital textbooks for sale. She continued by suggesting that the Robeson Library might consider a pilot project using the textbooks to meet the needs of the department.

K. Hartman asked L. Mullen and A. Martinez to join J. Gardner in reviewing the reserves and collection development policies and FAQs and report to the Council at the June meeting.

AUL Report - R. Sewell

R. Sewell mentioned that the second webinar in ARL's Institute on Scholarly Communication series took place on the previous day, April 14th. He had invited two faculty members including the chair of the New Brunswick Library Committee to attend. Three Council members were also in the audience.

In an update on the budget for the end of this fiscal year and the one for the coming year, R. Sewell outlined a reduction plan. He is holding onto funds that might have gone for one time only purchases to determine if they can be carried over into next fiscal year to help make up for some of the reduction in the coming year.

Collection Analysis Task Force Update - G. Smulewitz

The first item on G. Smulewitz's update was a brief report on the Vale E-resource Committee of which she is a member. Due to budget cuts, the committee is reviewing several multi-disciplinary databases for overlap, ease of use, and pricing.

The Collection Analysis Task Force continues to work on its short term objective of conducting more careful analysis of the University Libraries' collections. The analysis has been greatly aided by the data collection and spreadsheet presentations of the Distributed Technical Services staff.

G. Smulewitz described the pay per view program for Wiley journal titles that is currently running at Wellesley. The library initiated the program as part of a cost savings review. An analysis of cost per use was used to target those titles that cost more than $15/use. Those titles were canceled and a pay per view program was initiated. Records for all journal titles published by Wiley have been entered into the Wellesley catalog. Users have access to articles without knowing whether the article is available through a subscription or from the pay per view option. Access is seamless. Costs for pay per view cap at 115% of the journal subscription price. A subscription is automatically entered for the library for the year when the cap has been reached. Wellesley has been successful in reducing costs per article to less than the price for an interlibrary loan. With Wellesley's program having such success, G. Smulewitz suggested that perhaps the University Libraries investigate a pilot program.

Distributed Technical Services Update - G. Smulewitz

G. Smulewitz reported in more depth on the data collected by the Technical Services staff and the resulting database. It contains detailed information about the journal titles in the serials packages including usage data and contract terms. The database is already supporting a review of prepayment.

Other possibilities are under consideration to maintain access and reduce costs, particularly decreasing inflation. These include participation in a token program, moving monographic series to title by title from standing orders. There are lease programs worth further investigation which may provide access to RUL users at a reduced cost.

Central Technical Services Update - M. B. Weber

M. B. Weber began her update by reporting that Tibor Purger has assumed his new responsibilities as the Director of Integrated Information Systems.

In Acquisitions, Mary Belinsky has placed 95% of the orders she has received and Rob Hilliker is up to date with e-book orders. Mary Lynn Kingston, Collection Development Coordinator for Coutts, will visit Newark and New Brunswick from April 26th through the 28th to review slip and approval plans with selectors. Receiving and processing are up to date with a very small book backlog.

M. B. Weber and G. Smulewitz will be presenters at the Ebooks Collections Symposium to be held on Friday, May 21, 2010, at Montclair State University. The program, organized by the NJLA College and University Section Technology Committee and the VALE ebooks Collections Task Force, will examine e-book collection experiences in academic libraries.

M. B. Weber asked G. Smulewitz to provide an update on the patron driven pilot currently underway in the Math Library. Mei Ling Lo selected 500 book titles which were added to the catalog with preliminary records displaying in IRIS. When a book has been selected more than three times by users, it is automatically purchased. At the time of purchase, the preliminary records in IRIS are enhanced to a more fully developed, permanent level. The pilot will run for a year.

Fiscal tracking is done through the use of one fund code for all of the pay for view titles. An additional code indicating the subject is added to the order record by Coutts which will enable analysis. Any remaining funds at the end of the pilot will be redistributed to the Phonothon funds or used for another project.

K. Hartman expressed concern for the continuation of the approval plan which is running out of funding. R. Sewell said that he is considering adding money from the amount set aside for one time only purchases so the approval plan might last another year.

Chair Report and Summary of Future Tasks - K. Hartman

K. Hartman reminded the Council members that the Serials Forum presentation will take place prior to the New Brunswick Collections Group meeting on Friday, April 16th. All selectors are invited to learn more about the complex process of serials package title analysis and pricing.

K. Hartman reported that the LibGuides Task Force held their first meeting. Following a fruitful discussion, the members were given assignments which will be merged into a report with recommendations for implementation.

The Council's next meeting will be held at Dana Library on the Newark Campus at 10 AM on Thursday, May 20th. The agenda will include a report from the Last Copy Task Force.

K. Hartman concluded her report by mentioning that she has been invited to the May meeting of the Planning and Coordinating Committee to participate in a discussion on the relationship between the Committee and the Councils. She would appreciate having the views of the group on this subject before the meeting and will be sending out an email request for comments.


There were no announcements.


The meeting was adjourned at 11:20 AM.


Respectfully submitted,
Ann Watkins

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