Minutes of November 18, 2010 Meeting

K. Hartman (Chair), Q. Hu, T. Izbicki, M. Joseph, A. Martinez (Recorder), L. Mullen, C. Pecoraro, V. Pelote, G. Springs, J. Still (videoconferencing), G. Smulewitz, A. Watkins, M.B. Weber, R. Womack, T. Yang
G. Agnew


  1. Approval of Agenda
  2. Approval of October Minutes
  3. Chair Report – Hartman
  4. AUL Report – Izbicki
  5. Review of Draft Collection Development Statement: Course Reserves – Martinez
  6. Databases Listed on A-Z List-DIG, represented by C. Pecoraro, L. Mullen
  7. Update Central Technical Services – Weber
  8. Update Distributed Technical Services – Smulewitz
  9. Announcements

1. Approval of Agenda

Motion to approve November/2010 agenda approved.

2. Approval of October Minutes

Motion to approve November/2010 agenda approved.
Minutes for October/2010 meeting approved after submitted revisions by Izbicki.

3. Chair Report (Hartman)

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, December 16, 2010. On the agenda will be a discussion with Jane Otto and Jane Sloan regarding the streaming video service. J. Otto will discuss the technical side of the service while J. Sloan will discuss collection development, funding and licensing issues.

4. AUL Report – Izbicki

Izbicki has concluded the distribution of non-state funds. The Libraries are starting to receive the invoices for our major packages which are coming in slowly due to changes in vendors. Staff are investigating pre-pays and the impact of inflation on the package amounts.

We will be exercising an option to cancel a small percentage of Springer titles. Most are science titles with five or less uses. This will help us deal with the current budget situation.

Izbicki will send out a new draft deaccessioning policy for circulating collections for comment and review.

5. Review of Draft Collection Development Statement: Course Reserves – Martinez

The group discussed a draft version of the Collection Development Statement: Course Reserves. After discussion, a final version was agreed upon by the group. The final version of the statement was kept general (more policy than procedure) but included statements on the use of scanned materials, audio files used for reserve and links provided to electronic items available online in IRIS.

6. Databases listed on A-Z list-DIG, represented by C. Pecoraro, L. Mullen

Pecoraro provided a list of databases currently acquired from the NJ State Library (Jersey Clicks) that are not fully cataloged and queried LRC as to whether we should start to individually catalog free databases available through EBSCO or Jersey Clicks, for example, as well as list them individually on the Indexes and Database and A-Z Lists. The databases are currently available as a group through Jersey Clicks. Discussion ensued as to how and when to add a free database, who should review the database for inclusion as a fully cataloged record, and where it should be listed.

The group decided that questions on free databases will be managed by the team leaders, sent to the appropriate selector for review and a decision on whether to keep through Jersey Clicks (or some other comparable gateway) or fully catalog.

7. Update Central Technical Services – Weber

Daily work in the department has been reorganized to address staffing shortages. The contact page available through the Libraries website is up to date.

So far, 12 books have been purchased as part of the patron driven plan through Coutts. The plan has been slow so far but has shown signs of picking up.

The 12th annual Vale / NJ ACRL / NJLA CUS Users’ Conference will be held on Wednesday, January 5, 2011 at the Busch Campus Center. Melissa De Fino and Mei Ling Lo will be doing a break out session on patron driven acquisitions at the conference.

8. Update Distributed Technical Services – Smulewitz

DTS will be welcoming a new staff member, Susan Graham, who is transferring from TAS. She will be starting in November and will start with work in the Government Documents Collection.

A new staff position, responsible for data analysis, ordering, and receiving, will be posted soon for DTS.

DTS staff is in the process of renewing the Elsevier package; the Oxford and Cambridge packages have been renewed.

The department is in the process of training all DTS staff to be able to work with electronic record management. A group of titles has been evaluated by all DTS staff as a training tool.

Next Meeting:
Thursday, December 16, 2010
9:30am – 11:30am
University Conference Room, Alexander Library, CAC

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