Minutes of July 21, 2011 Meeting

K. Hartman (chair), Q. Hu, B. Lipinski, K. Mulcahy, L. Mullen J. Still (videoconferenced), V. Pelote (videoconferenced), G. Springs, A. Watkins (videconferenced), M. B. Weber (recorder), T. Yang
G. Agnew, M. Joseph, C. Pecoraro, G. Smulewitz

1. Approval of agenda

The agenda was approved with a minor change: Item 7 "Update-Distributed Technical Services Report" was struck from the agenda since G. Smulewitz was excused from the meeting.

2. Approval of June minutes

The minutes were approved as distributed.

3. Chair's Report, Elections, Goals Review- K. Hartman

Selection of a new LRC chair was discussed. There was one nomination (Mullen). K. Hartman is willing to co-chair LRC with L. Mullen. The nomination and suggestion were approved by acclimation.

An LRC representative to PlanCo needs to be selected. T. Yang volunteered; he already serves on PlanCo as the Faculty Secretary. He will tentatively serve as LRC's PlanCo representative; LRC may discuss this decision electronically at a future date.

K. Hartman welcomed B. Lipinski as the new Access Services representative to LRC.

K. Hartman sent LRC members the goals/indicators matrix from last year to discuss important issues for the coming year. LRC will continue to review policies and evaluate the weeding process. The discussion will bring together all weeding issues, projects, etc. A holistic approach is needed. K. Hartman would like to have this completed by mid-fall.

T. Izbicki noted that projects often pre-date policies. Cabinet now has five general goals and we need to determine how LRC's goals fit into them. K. Hartman would like a weeding task group with campus coordinators and relevant others to provide input. The task group would develop plans and set priorities and report back to LRC for review.

Possible goals for the year were discussed:

A suggestion was made to invite Janice Pilch, the new Copyright and Licensing Librarian, to a future LRC meeting to discuss weeding, preservation and digital preservation.

The proposed merger with UMDNJ and LRC's role was discussed in terms of our goals. Resources that overlap between the two institutions will be examined. This may require renegotiation of licenses and the addition of more IP ranges for electronic resources. The question of whether UMDNJ will bring collection funding to pay for our resources was raised. It is not clear if their faculty will be part of our faculty units. The number of overlapping resources is relatively small. There were questions regarding who will have access to any resources for which we assume responsibility. Will these be limited to the New Brunswick campus or available RUL? Jackie Mardikian will be invited to a future LRC meeting to provide background information and discuss these issues.

G. Springs noted that the LibGuides transition is complete.

4. Budget Update/AUL Report- T. Izbicki

T. Izbicki reported that money will be carried over for the PDA pilot. Another sum was carried over from encumbered not paid. Some Non-state funds have been deliberately carried over, but the general carry over was about 17% across the board. There is no current information about this year's nonstate funds. If ARL simplifies how they count collections, it will simplify our allocations.

Sirsi fund reports are chaotic and difficult to read. T. Izbicki's spreadsheets are organized differently from the Sirsi reports. The long-term goal is to better meet the needs of our community. T. Izbicki would like to see 35-40% of the funds spent by the end of the winter holidays. An earlier goal for spending funds is needed. Endowed and gift funds are tricky and he is hoping for a flat State budget for next year.

Journals, databases, and standing orders may be revisited in terms of our budget. We are not able to rely on phonathon funding.

5. Consolidation of print indexes and abstracts- L. Mullen

L. Mullen distributed a draft document prepared by Karen Hartman and herself, and provided an overview of the document. There are no guidelines or best practices within the profession to consult, and we need to develop internal procedures. RUL provides access to many indexes, but this access is not stable. Instead, we have taken a piecemeal approach. The final goal is to have one complete run of contiguous issues. This will require an inventory across RUL. We need to determine the location of the final runs (at research library or the Annex). If a run is in the Annex, space is needed for researchers to use it; the current space is not adequate.

There was a suggested revision to page 1: Change the sentence that reads "Campuses would have [the] option of retaining one run if justified by selector and decision supported by AUL CDM" to read "Campuses would have [the] option of retaining one run if justified by the selector and in consultation with the AUL CDM." The suggested revision was accepted.

Next steps: (1) L. Mullen will develop a short policy document based on the LRC discussion; (2) an inventory of print indexes and abstracts will be conducted and selectors will be identified. K. Hartman and L. Mullen will bring the policy document back to LRC for approval.

A suggestion was made to privilege reliable online access. If it is not available, determine the best approach. Partial coverage is problematic.

6. AUL Report- G. Agnew

There was no report as G. Agnew was detained at another meeting.

7. Update Central Technical Services- M.B. Weber

M.B. Weber reminded selectors that there are often time delays when a new vendor must be established in order for orders to be placed. The time delay is greater when foreign vendors are involved.

8. Announcements

L. Mullen noted that there have been complaints regarding the new Web of Science. There have been problems with the search citation count and she requested that complaints be forwarded to her.

L. Mullen also reported that an older, print test collection is housed in two cabinets located in Alexander. The documents are currently not discoverable in the catalog or elsewhere. The tests will be donated to the American Psychological Association for a psychology test case since the APA is actively seeking old tests.

J. Still reported that there have been roof leaks at Robeson caused by a defective sprinkler pipe. This has caused mold to grow on shelves. Some books will be discarded and others may be salvaged. The books will be shifted off of the current shelving. Robeson will lose three shelves of materials as a result of the leaks.

K. Mulcahy noted that he serves on both Councils and will help facilitate communication between the two.

The next LRC meeting is August 18, 2011.

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