Minutes of February 16, 2012 Meeting

Karen Hartman, Laura Mullen, Kevin Mulcahy, Bob Sewell, Tom Izbicki, Michael Joseph, Barry Lipinski, Gene Springs, Julie Still, Tao Yang, Judy Gardner (Guest), Grace Agnew, Gracemary Smulewitz, Anne Watkins, Janice Pilch
Vincent Pelote, Mary Beth Weber

1. Approval of Agenda, Approval of January Minutes (Hartman)

Hartman proposed to move the discussion of the Vendor Contact Guidelines from Item #3 to a separate agenda item at #4. The Council approved this amendment of the agenda.

The January minutes were updated with a few corrections by Izbicki and approved via email before the meeting.

2. E-Z Borrow data farm, ILL updates and discussion (Gardner)

Gardner presented aggregate data outlining trends in E-Z Borrow, ILL, and RDS. In FY 2011 articles decreased, while book delivery requests increased. EZ Borrow made up 78% of delivery requests.

Gardner demonstrated different download options in the EZ Borrow data farm which UPenn runs for PALCI. The data farm can be accessed through this pathway from the RUL homepage: About the Libraries>Staff Resources>Access Services>Resource Sharing>Statistics, or via this link. Gardner encouraged selectors to look at the download options to see which data may be of use for them. The data included here are only for filled requests. Data are available by patron type, but with no identifiable information. Data are available for titles that have multiple requests. Old URSA data may be incorporated into the data farm. Look under "My Library Report Options" to view unfilled requests. E-books requested would appear under this category.

A brief discussion about e-books ensued. Smulewitz noted that OCLC is working with publishers to make e-books available for ILL. Gardner noted that if a request for an e-book comes to ILL, the first step is to check our access/holdings to see if we have the print; if we do not, it will be an unfilled request.

Gardner presented a list of standard responses to users when an ILL request is canceled. Members of the Council made recommendations to adjust some wording of responses. Gardner will circulate a list of updated responses.

Gardner presented several Web reports from ILLiad data. Gardner would need to know which reports should be run on a regular basis so they can be accessible for selectors. Discussions to ensue at campus collection groups to determine which reports are desirable. Mullen suggested the reports be housed on the Selectors Sakai site, to which Gardner would need access.

3. AUL Report (Izbicki)

State funds analysis is underway. Non-state funds are under spent at this time. Team Leaders should start to discuss one-time priorities, keeping in mind that we most likely will not be able to add continuing subscriptions.

Selectors should talk to departments to notify them of new e-books.

Agnew recommended a future agenda item to discuss the discoverability of media resources.

Discussion of second round of collection development training is underway, will focus on serials.

Izbicki noted that routine repairs for monographs should not have to wait for a selector decision and plans to bring this topic to NBCG.

4. Vendor Contact Guidelines (Izbicki)

The Vendor Contact Guidelines, discussed at the January LRC meeting, will be modified slightly from how it was initially introduced. Izbicki stressed that setting up vendor records with new vendors is essential. Also, selectors must try not to over-commit ourselves in discussions with vendor representatives. Izbicki asked that he and the heads of DTS and CTS be notified of a vendor visit, and recommended that selectors notify colleagues who may also be interested. The Guidelines document will be revised by Izbicki and circulated for approval.

5. AUL Report (Agnew)

Agnew gave the report for CTS in Weber's absence. Magdalena (Megan) Ruszala will start March 1 as the new Head of Acquisitions in CTS. Ruszala will also serve as the Assistant Head of CTS.

Agnew noted there were issues that have been solved with RUcore indexing in Google Scholar. Agnew suggested Ron Jantz come to LRC do an update in a future meeting. Agnew noted that the recent digital exhibits have high page views.

Agnew reported that migrating to DOIs in RUcore is under discussion, and would make research data more accessible.

Discussions are underway for the replacement of departed staff in Integrated Systems (IIS).

6. Distributed Technical Services update, Weeding update (Smulewitz)

The weeding project at Douglass Library is continuing.

The Holdings Management Team developed a web page which includes a charge and membership. Smulewitz introduced the web page at the most recent Collections Analysis Task Force meeting, and bring it to LRC once those recommendations have been incorporated.

7. Central Technical Services update (Weber)

Agnew covered CTS updates in her AUL Report.

7. Announcements

Smulewitz mentioned she attended a two day session with the VALE electronic resources committee. The session examined collaborative collection development with regard to e-books (ebrary, EBL, EBSCO, YBP, Coutts). Examples of sharing were presented. Smulewitz will summarize her notes at a future LRC meeting.

Mullen announced that the next CSC meeting, on 2/27/2012 at 10: 00 a.m. in the Heyer Room, will address a proposed university-wide open access policy. CSC is hoping to plan a symposium for the fall on peer review.

Agnew recommended a future agenda item for which Tao Yang and Li Sun could discuss their work on the China Boom Project and RUCore. Agnew thinks this is a particularly illustrative example of the potential for growth of foreign language material in RUcore as the university further explores a satellite campus in China.

Mullen announced a reminder for the program "Digital Divides and Learning Divides: Focus on Africa" which will take place on 3/7/2012 at 4pm in the Pane Room. This event is co-sponsored by the Centers for Global Advancement and International Affairs and the Libraries.

Izbicki addressed a question by Still about the potential merger with RWJ. A group is working on looking at overlaps of coverage of electronic resources.

Mullen noted that LRC needs to keep aware of what items in the strategic plan which have impact on collections and resources.

Hartman announced that the next LRC meeting will be on March 15, 2012.

The meeting adjourned at 11:35 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Gene Springs

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