Minutes of March 15, 2012 Meeting

Karen Hartman (co-chair), Laura Mullen (co-chair), Grace Agnew, Tom Izbicki, Michael Joseph, Kevin Mulcahy, Michelle Oswell (guest), Vincent Pelote, Janice Pilch, Bob Sewell, Gracemary Smulewitz, Julie Still (video), Ann Watkins (recorder), Mary Beth Weber, Tao Yang
Barry Lipinski and Gene Springs

Approval of Agenda, Approval of February minutes

The agenda was approved although time schedules brought about some changes in the sequence. The items are presented in the minutes in the order in which the discussions took place.

Minutes of the February meeting were distributed by email for review. No corrections were submitted so the minutes were approved as sent.

AUL Report (T. Izbicki)

In his update on the budget, T. Izbicki told the members that most state funds have been encumbered. He is currently waiting for an encumbrance report and, if there is little remaining of the allocated amounts, he is considering carrying over the funds until next year. Selectors are picking up the pace in spending non-state funds although they have not yet met the target. T. Izbicki suggested that Council members encourage ordering with March 31st as the closing date.

Reporting on the PDA program, T. Izbicki emphasized the need to avoid duplications and numerous exceptions. There are just two possibilities that qualify, if the item has an attachment not included in the electronic version and if a gift copy is donated by a faculty member.

T. Izbicki reiterated the importance of the vendor relations policy in preventing complications.

T. Izbicki, with Jackie Mardikian and Gracemary Smulewitz, has continued to evaluate issues relating to the proposed Robert Wood Johnson Medical School (RWJ) merger. Overlaps in holdings have been identified and the group is using a spreadsheet to prioritize the needs of both RWJ and RUL.

The librarians involved in the Princeton-RUL collaborative collection development initiative for music met on March 12th at Dana Library. The group is moving forward with programs for CD loan and record label acquisition.

At the end of his report, T. Izbicki reminded LRC members that the Elsevier journal package would be up for renewal next year.

Distributed Technical Services Services Update (G. Smulewitz)

Gracemary Smulewitz brought the members up to date on the Holdings Management Team and their progress. The team members continue to weed and shift the items that will remain at Douglass Library. Next they will consolidate the periodicals collection. The team has developed a webpage with FAQs and request forms. More staff have been assigned to the LSM reference weeding project to move it forward.

While the team has been working on projects, G. Smulewitz noted the need to develop a workflow. There are gaps in setting project priorities and also in facilities considerations.

A digital preservation group including some members of the Holdings Management Team has been established to determine what items in the circulating collection should be digitized. Candidates will be brittle books beyond the remediation of the repair process which are also in the public domain and out of copyright.

G. Smulewitz concluded her report with an update on the Digital Interface Group's project to test the link resolver. The general finding is that the link resolver does not work well with books. The tool is database oriented and tries to treat the books as journals. DIG members will group their findings into categories and then try to address them.

Play Scripts at Douglass

Michelle Oswell presented a proposal to create a browsing collection of play scripts. From discussions with Theater Dept. faculty and students as well as her own observations, M. Oswell is aware that usage of the Music Library's play script collection has dwindled in favor of the Theater Department's informal library and a New York City bookstore. Library of Congress call numbers add complexity that is daunting; users must check three separate, densely filled call number areas for the play scripts. With strong support from the Theater Dept. chair, M. Oswell would like to reorganize the play scripts in a small browsable collection of less than 2,000 items (currently 832 items) arranged in alphabetical order by author or title. This would require a new sub-location and relabeling. M. Oswell has already targeted a corner in the Music Library that could accommodate the collection and comfortable seating. Colleagues in other university libraries have mentioned to her that the browsing collections they have established receive high use.

LRC members responded favorably to the proposal. M. Oswell will take her proposal to the New Brunswick Collections Group for discussion at their April meeting. T. Izbicki requested a cost estimate for implementation of the proposal which M. Oswell will develop in collaboration with M. B. Weber.

Hathi Trust feedback and action recommendation

Kevin Mulcahy, Janice Pilch and Michael Joseph continued their discussion of the HATHI Trust. They recommended that the University Libraries not join just yet. The annual fee of $40,000 a year would require a substantial commitment when the Libraries are also contending with the financial implications of the potential separation of the Camden Campus and the merger with RWJ. There are also legal uncertainties involved. New member libraries are contributing unique materials. As this may soon be a requirement for membership, it was suggested that LRC consider what the University Libraries would contribute. L. Mullen asked M. Joseph, K. Mulcahy, and J. Pilch to continue monitoring the status of the HATHI Trust.

AUL Report (G. Agnew)

Grace Agnew provided updates on various digital projects. Two projects are typical of those that liaisons can facilitate. They include the optimality theory project that Kevin Mulcahy is working on with D. Alan Prince of the Linguistics Department. Dr. Prince and his study group want to create a database of documents elucidating optimality theory. The University Libraries is providing metadata and clearing up any permission issues. The archive will be available by fall. The second project, China Boom, focuses on a series of interviews on video that were conducted by the Asia Society in New York and brought to the University Libraries by Tao Yang. Both T. Yang and K. Mulcahy are contributing their time and effort to preserve the information yielded by both projects and to make the information accessible through RUcore.

In addition to the projects facilitated by liaisons, G. Agnew mentioned that most third-party projects are referred by Marianne Gaunt. Currently RUcore staff are working on Dodge poetry and digitizing yearbooks. She described the Newark Archive Project which should be released this summer. Expanding on the WANS infrastructure which was developed for an earlier RUcore project, the Archive Project serves as a portal to locally held archival holdings about Newark.

Central Technical Services Update (M. B. Weber)

In her report, Mary Beth Weber gave some data about the PDA program. Sixty titles were purchased in February and five in January for a total of 65. Complications have arisen when selectors order e- books that are already part of the PDA program. Records for unpurchased PDA titles or those with one or two uses will remain in the catalog at the end of the PDA program until we decide to remove them. Coutts representatives will be coming in April and the PDA program is part of their discussion agenda.

With regard to her staff, M. Weber mentioned that Carla Zimmerman will now be handling the cataloging of e-books, gifts and record sets. Megan (Magdalena) Ruszala joined the Department in the past weeks as the Head of Acquisitions. She brings considerable experience from her former position at William Paterson University.

Chris Sterback is completing a report of book order cancellations on a weekly basis. The report includes orders cancelled by vendors and will be sent to individual selectors.

Gracemary Smulewitz and M. B. Weber will offer a SAPAC Brown Bag program, "Triage in the digital age," which is based on their Charleston Conference presentation on problem solving by teams.


J. Pilch said that she is working to clarify what RUL's approach will be to ARL's Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Academic and Research Libraries.

G. Agnew reminded the LRC members who are participating in the RUresearch training program that another program will be scheduled very soon.

G. Agnew suggested that the open access fee be administered by RUcore. Although the University Libraries cannot afford to pay the fee, they might offer to administer the fee payment.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:20 AM.

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