Minutes of June 18, 2015 Meeting

G. Agnew, K. Denda, E. Gorder, B. Lipinski, R. Marker, K. Mulcahy (co-Chair), L. Palumbo (recorder), V. Pelote, J. Pilch, J. Sauceda, E. Sosnowska, J. Still, A. Watkins (co-Chair), M. Weber, T. Yang
G. Smulewitz

1. Approval of Agenda-All

2. Approval of the Minutes from March 16 meeting (posted in Sakai on 5/20/15)

J. Pilch requested corrections to statements made at the previous LRC meeting about streaming media at other institutions and at Rutgers. The minutes will be revised to reflect her comments. The minutes were otherwise approved.

3. Chairs' Report-K. Mulcahy & A. Watkins

The reorganization of RIS in New Brunswick will occur soon, and will send a new representative to LRC as the collections head. New Brunswick is reorganizing. There will be a Department of Research & Content, and it is likely that the head of that department will represent New Brunswick on LRC. K. Mulcahy posted in Sakai spreadsheets updating collection expenditures to date. He noted that approval plan spending accounts for barely 2% of all collection expenditures, and that if we were to extend the plan, at this year's rate of expenditure, it would amount to perhaps 2.2% of state spending.

4. AUL Report-T. Yang

Monographs, journals, big deals, preservation, and storage needs are the major challenges facing collections this year. We need a comprehensive strategy to address these issues within our budget.

The approval plan will be extended while we decide how to move forward with approval purchases.

The Collections Analysis Group is discussing monograph acquisitions. It will take some more time to decide what to do with the approval plan. G. Agnew reminded the group that J. Croft is part of a group working on analyzing monograph use. K. Mulcahy reported that the group appointed by LRC to study monograph use has met once and begun its work. The group includes J. Croft, M. Gasparotto, K. Mulcahy, J. Sauceda, and M.B. Weber.

Red Book Online was discontinued through an error by the vendor, but access has been restored.

A.DiPaolo gave a budget update at the Cabinet meeting on June 9; the Schools have received their budgets and the library budget will come soon.

Five members of CSC were re-appointed for 2015-16: Tom Izbicki, Aletia Morgan, Jane Otto, Janice Pilch, and Yingting Zhang.

The Directory of Open Access Books (http://doabooks.org) won the IFLA/Brill Open Access Award. DOAB is a searchable index of peer-reviewed OA books, and includes over 2800 books from 100 publishers. The metadata of the DOAB collection can be uploaded into library catalogs.

The CIC libraries are discussing participation in the Open Textbook Network (a new initiative related to the Open Textbook Library). Open textbooks were recommended as a solution to the high costs of textbooks in a recent Rutgers University Senate Student Affairs Committee Report. The Library Resources Council may be asked to engage with the University community about the OTN. G. Agnew suggested that LRC should do some investigation into faculty willingness to become advocates for open textbooks. R. Marker suggested that LRC partner with others to provide a workshop on open access textbooks for Open Access Week. J. Still cited the success of the Civil Engagement initiative, where faculty are compensated to rewrite syllabi and create online courses on civil engagement, and suggested we use this as a model for open textbooks with faculty. This suggestion will be put on the July agenda.

5. AUL Report-G Agnew

G. Agnew was appointed to the technical advisory board for PALCI. Being discussed is an API to automatically populate an EZBorrow or ILL form based on searches in the catalog. Also being discussed is universal borrowing among participating institutions, and possibly consortial collecting.

Research Data is moving forward. Faculty are beginning to show interest in depositing data. There is currently a project underway with the Ocean Observatories Initiative. A research data team will be proposed at Cabinet by M. Just and G. Agnew.

6. CTS Report-M. Weber

CTS will be creating a collection of textbooks for the EOF students which will look in the catalog like reserves, but will be specifically for these students. EOF is purchasing the books. They will be checked out from Kilmer and the Annex for a semester or a year. This will be an improvement in the current situation, where books are dispersed from several different locations. About 400 books will be added.

Ingram sent a letter of agreement offering to extend the approval plan for another year. Meetings will be held with them to discuss the terms. Since no stable source of funding for the approval plan has been identified, cancelling the plan or cutting it back severely is a possibility.

Discussions were held with OCLC about their services and our subscription with them. They are not willing to negotiate their price with us. M. B. Weber wants to talk to the CIC about a possible consortial arrangement for this subscription.

Charlotte Toke and Donna Kraskow have retired and another staff member may retire soon. M. Ruszala will act for M. B. Weber while she is away until July 1.

7. Reports from SC/UA and IJS-E. Gorder & V. Pelote

E. Gorder reported that Special Collections and University Archives acquired nearly 50 prints and paintings of John Ross and Clare Romano who both received the Rutgers Medal at the Book Arts Symposium this year. RU is in currently competition with Duke to acquire a large special collection. E. Gorder noted that Special Collections records are no longer showing up in WorldCat, and this is a concern because most users find SC materials this way.

V. Pelote reported that digitizing IJS materials for ingest into RUcore has become a priority decided upon by Cabinet.

8. Review of LRC Objectives & Activities for 2014-2015 (available on Sakai site)- All

The following goals are proposed as continuing and future objectives of LRC. These will be reviewed at the next meeting.

9. Report of Task Force to evaluate Scopus and Web of Science- A. Watkins, Chair

A revised charge for the Task Force was proposed and is available on Sakai. Because much literature exists already comparing Web of Science and Scopus, the Task Force proposes looking at unique resources within the databases. E. Sosnowska and A. Watkins indicated that the Task Force should not be charged with deciding which database to keep, but to determine how the databases are being used and whether or not it is worthwhile to keep both. The Task Force also proposes adjusting the timeline based on the new renewal dates for both databases. T.Yang suggested looking at the overlap between the two resources. He proposed doing a usability study in addition to a survey of faculty and graduate students to determine use. K. Mulcahy suggested looking at the disciplinary differences between the databases. T.Yang and A. Watkins agreed that the completion date for the Task Force's work could be extended to April 30th, 2016, in order to conduct the user studies and possibly a survey.

10. Report from Digital Humanities Team-G. Agnew reported for R. Jantz.

New equipment is being purchased for the Digital Humanities Lab. F. Giannetti will have office hours in the Lab. Use of the Lab will mostly be reservation based, with some drop-in during scheduled hours. The Team is working on outreach to faculty to encourage use of the Lab for coursework. A Wordpress site is being developed for the Lab. Policy and security issues exist which are being worked out. The Team hopes to offer a Wordpress site for the Lab by next spring.

11. Media Collections, Streaming, and RUL Copyright Policy-J. Pilch

J. Pilch followed up on the April 16th LRC discussion of Media Collections to clarify where we are and where we are going on streaming policy. J. Pilch has been working for some time to develop a policy that will allow for broader use of media collections in teaching. Currently at Rutgers, campus policy for streaming video in course management systems allows for streaming if works are in the public domain; if there is permission from the copyright holder; if there is a public performance streaming license; if the online license permits streaming; and use of excerpts within fair use, such as RUL provides in the Streaming Media Clips for Reserves Service and Clips from Analog Tapes or DVDs Service. J. Pilch is ready to work with the Media Center on a framework for films for which licenses are not available or for which there is no other form of access and no acceptable alternative for viewing. Any information or statistics on past and future requests will go a long way toward revision of the streaming policy. J. Pilch encouraged members to send any information they have. She clarified that no libraries are making all of their videos available for streaming; selection on a case-by-case basis is the norm.

12. Agenda for (and location of) July meeting

The next meeting will be held in Camden. LRC will need to select a Chair/co-Chairs. It is planned to invite the new University Librarian to a meeting early in the semester. In our proposed objectives for the new year, we will want to include objectives from our new University Librarian.

13. Announcements

The Council thanked Kevin for his leadership and dedicated service over the past years.

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