Minutes for June 12, 2008 Meeting

Rose Barbalace, John Brennan, Harry Glazer (chair), Bonita Grant, Jean Madden, Françoise Puniello (recorder), Michele Tokar, Darryl Voorhees, Tao Yang

I. Chair Report – Harry Glazer

Harry led a discussion of who to add to the committee since several members have moved on to other assignments. Please send suggested names to Harry. Françoise suggested Jeris Cassel. Rose suggested Daphne Roberts. Harry reported that Michele Tokar will be joining the team.

Harry pointed out that Darryl’s picture is not only in the Rutgers summer session catalog but also in large poster format which has been seen at the train station.

Harry mentioned that University Vice President Kim Manning has announced the availability of a powerpoint presentation with an overview of the University, that staff can use when making presentations on the University to the public.

II. Previous meeting minutes were reviewed and accepted.

III. Brand Development Subcommittee report - John Brennan

John reviewed the process which the subcommittee used to identify characteristics for the Libraries brand identity. In 2006-2007 the subcommittee visited about six major library committees to solicit input. Working from Libraries’ characteristics mentioned at those meetings, the sub-committee picked out 15 meta-characteristics and then developed a survey to test the salience of these characteristics with faculty and students. John and Harry met with SCILS Professor Marya Doerfel, who counseled them on convenience sampling and sampling size. John and Harry then distributed questionnaires to students in the student centers and faculty in the dining halls; the questionaires asked respondents to indicate if they agreed, disagreed, or were neutral with each possible Libraries brand characteristic. Based on the responses to the surveys, Based on the survey responses the subcommittee identified the following four leading characteristics as the Libraries’ brand identity:

The Marketing/PR Team unanimously approved the suggested brand. The next step is to present this to Cabinet to receive approval of this brand identity.

IV. Progress on 2008/2009 action steps

Harry was successful working with Diane Harris in the University’s Undergraduate Admissions Office, in placing a paragraph about the Libraries in an e-newsletter for prospective students. Myoung Wilson and Jeff Teichmann helped him by offering ideas on what information to put in the paragraph.

John and Tao are working on a one-page introduction to Libraries services for incoming students. The team suggested re- envisioning these one-pagers as bookmarks, incorporating eye-catching graphic design, with a corresponding page on the Libraries website with same information. Tao and John will draft text by mid-July and then Harry will design two or three bookmarks (with information batched by service type/area). We hope to print the bookmarks by early August.

Jeris Cassel joined us to talk about how to approach undergraduates and how to market libraries during first year orientations. The orientation process is still in flux with the reorganization of the schools. Jeris will get back to the committee as soon as she knows more. Jeris pointed out that there are other avenues such as the First Year Seminars that might be a good place to reach students.

Incoming students have to get their Net id’s during orientation, the committee discussed whether it would be possible to combine this with getting their library pins.

Jeris suggested that maybe putting a paragraph about the Libraries on the Registrar’s website might be good, as all students use this when they register for classes. Michele offered to investigate this further.

Harry stated that we are making good progress on our action steps. At our next meeting we should review our grid to see what other goals we need to work on.

V. Next Meeting

The next meeting will be September 25. Harry will send out a list of all meetings for next year so that committee members can put them on their calendars.

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