Minutes for February 26, 2009 Meeting

Ka-Neng Au (recorder), Rose Barbalace, Tara McDonnell (guest), John Brennan, Harry Glazer, Jean Madden, Fernanda Perrone, Michele Tokar, Tao Yang.
Daphne Roberts, Darryl Voorhees.
Jeris Cassel.

The meeting opened at 2:37 p.m. Harry introduced Tara McDonnell, the new Libraries director of development.

I. Rutgers Day Report

A. Planning meeting (February 17th) -- Rose & Darryl

Productive first meeting with many RUL staff interested in participating in activities (scavenger hunt, talks, displays, open house) and information kiosks (at ALEX and ART). Next meeting planned for March 10th.

B. Resource Expo (March 4th)

Rose, Darryl and Harry plan to attend in order to obtain more information about logistics, tents, event locations, and support.

C. Button on website? WAC determination – Au

WAC agreed to add the Rutgers Day button to the front page of the Libraries Website, by placing it right above the News bookmark.

II. Follow up reports

A. Adding the slogan to the website? WAC determination – Au

WAC agreed to add the slogan to the Libraries front page (Au demonstrated a version that placed the slogan right above the picture) and will finalize the size and color of the text very soon.

B. Other slogan placements – Harry

Harry thanked the group for including the slogan into their email signatures, He also showed a mock-up for a bookmark with the slogan, and the group discussed the use of the reverse side. Conclusion: names and phone numbers for the libraries will be added. Harry will investigate the placement of posters with the slogan on all campus buses. Harry will also add the slogan to the RUL Facebook page.

C. Change machine(s) -- Michele and Harry

Group recommends that the new change machine that has been approved be located at LSM.

D. EEBO news story, now posted

The group was very pleased with Michelle’s story on the Website.

III. New business

A. Ethnography research project/promotion support – Au

Au provided an overview of the study and its objective for helping with the Website re-design.

Ideas discussed included: news story on Website; Facebook message; pitching a story for Targum in NB, Gleaner in Camden, and Observer in Newark, daily countdown at Circ desk; posters on campus buses; ad(s) in Targum – will ask Core Team about budget. Sub-committee of Harry, Tao and Au to pursue these ideas.

B. Flat screen TV in Alexander Library; announcements and/or video clips of RUL?? - ALL

Group questioned the need for this TV when there is an existing TV viewing room within 20 feet of the proposed location. Besides, the sound level will disturb many library users.

IV. Continuing business (time permitting)

A. Marketing/PR team activities for 2009/2010/discussion - Rose

Group reviewed the actions steps for committee’s Goals and Objectives and evaluated suggestions for the current and next year.

B. Draft on-the-spot user survey/feedback/IRB? - Harry

Put on hold since another survey is being planned by Jeanne Boyle.

V. Next meeting

Thurs. April 2nd @ the Dana Library

Meeting adjourned at 4:20pm

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