Minutes for September 17, 2009 Meeting

H. Glazer, G. Sandberg (recording), T. Yang, R. Barbalace, M. Tokar, S. Mikitish, K.-N. Au, C. Wu, J. Brennan, J. Madden

Success Stories

Harry Glazer shared two success stories with the team. To enhance the branding of "friendly service," a change machine has been installed at Alexander Library. Another change machine will soon be installed at the Library of Science & Medicine. Library patrons have been asking for change machines at these locations for some time.

To enhance the overall visibility of the Libraries' brand, the University's online course schedule search page has been updated with a link to the Rutgers University Libraries webpage and the text of our motto: "The place to go, when you need to know!"

2) Cost Savings and Efficiencies

Harry shared his responses to the following questions brought to his attention by the Cost Savings and Efficiencies Task Force in August: Honor with Books, "Donate Now" Button on the Libraries home page, Open House for Largest Donors, Selling Note Cards on the Website, Expenses Associated with Guest Speakers, and Expenses Associated with Library Events. Members of the Marketing/PR team approved of his responses to all the questions.

3) New Faculty Orientation

Michele staffed a table (on behalf of the Marketing/PR team) at the University's New Faculty Orientation event at Trayes Hall in the Douglass Student Center in late August. The library table was popular at the event. Michele recommended that a reference librarian attend next year's orientation. Michele fielded many questions on copyright law.

4) Library New Student Orientation Events

Connie Wu assessed the Lightning Tours at LSM as a failure, as no one showed up for the tours. Rose Barbalace and Glenn Sandberg reported scant attendance in the tours at Alexander Library. Ka-Neng Au reported one attendee for the tours at Dana. Harry Glazer reported that there had been some patron response to the Libraries' puzzle posted online.

5) News Digest Distribution to RUL_Everyone

Harry reported that the first edition of the RUL Monthly News Digest was distributed via e-mail to RUL_Everyone on September 9th. Future editions could include personal as well as professional news. Connie identified Janie Fultz as a possible resource for newsworthy RUL items.

6) Creation of Marketing & Public Relations Sakai Site

John Brennan reported on the creation of the new Marketing & Public Relations Sakai site. This site should facilitate communication and the posting and receipt of documents pertinent to the work of the team.

7) Guest Speakers

Harry plans to invite the director of marketing at St. Peter's Hospital to speak at the next meeting of the team. He hopes this will be the first in a series of guest speakers to attend our meetings.

8) Multi-Year Marketing Plan

John has agreed to head up the effort to develop a new multi-year marketing plan. Harry told the team that there may be an all-day retreat in April focused on finalizing the next multi-year marketing plan. Tao Yang suggested inviting new librarians to contribute to this project.

9) Ethnographic Research Project

Stephanie Mikitish will chair a subcommittee composed of herself, Tao, and Glenn to examine the open-ended responses that relate to marketing from participants in the online survey about the Libraries.

10) RUL Brand Clinics

Harry distributed copies of the Libraries "Guide for Students" brochure. Team members will evaluate this brochure at the next meeting to see if it accurately reflects the Libraries' brand characteristics.

11) Outreach to Student Groups

Connie reported that student groups should be classified as either academic or community groups. There should be a different approach for these two types of student groups. The libraries have something to offer both kinds of groups. Harry suggested inviting officers from the student groups to meet with Marianne Gaunt or another RUL administrator.

Next Meeting

Thursday, November 5th, 2:30 pm TAS Conference Room
Thursday, December 10th, 2:30 pm University Librarian's Conf. Room

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