Minutes for November 18, 2010 Meeting

Harry Glazer, Steph Mikitish, Jeanne Boyle, Michele Tokar, Rebecca Martinez, Daphne Roberts, Kim Kaiser, Rose Barbalace (recorder) Glenn Sandberg, Jean Madden (via videoconference), Gerard Drinkard (via videoconference).

1) Discussion and Q&A about the Counting Opinions survey (J. Boyle)

Since the opinion survey appeared on the RUL website over a year ago over 1628 surveys have been completed, with over 4200 comments. More than 1/3 select the in-depth survey and respondents are given the option of leaving their email address, to respond back after one year. A Sakai site has been created for assessment reports, recently updated by each library. You can sort by big comment categories such as services and facilities. PDFs are also available on the Sakai site. Reviewing and assessing comments can give departments valuable information about shortfall in services, evaluation of our website content and areas to improve upon. The comments also give glowing reports in areas where we are excelling, such as ILL and article delivery. The group discussed ways we could increase response to the survey; one suggestion was to change the graphic that appears on the website alerting patrons to take the survey. A new graphic may prompt those who currently refresh the screen to take a second look.

2) Café Naming contest (K. Kaiser, G. Sandberg)

The Targum ran an ad on Nov 4th to promote the Libraries Café naming contest. Contest will run until December 1st. RU Alumni News picked up the story. So far over 300 suggestions have been submitted. The name selection committee has been formed including faculty, staff and students representatives. The selection committee will meet on December 8th to judge a winner which will be announced on the RUL website early in the spring semester.

3) Rutgers Day 2011 (R. Barbalace)

First planning meeting scheduled for Mon, December 13th. We've received a number of suggestions and ideas to review for this year's submissions. We will work on a new RU Day video this year titled "Hidden Treasures of the Library" showcasing Special Collections and the Institute of Jazz Studies. The first RU Day submission period will end on November 24th. We'll submit the bulk of the library programming during the 2nd submission period running January 31st to February 18th.

4) Discussion - Promotion strategy for RUL Libraries Facebook page (R. Martinez)

A link to the Libraries' Facebook page was recently placed on the front page of the RUL website. There has been some movement of fans joining our site. Another idea to get fans to "like" us on Facebook is to add a Facebook link to all library PC's. When a patron logs on and is presented with the screen to select a browser, a Facebook link will be prominently displayed on the graphic. Group also discussed cross promotion of our Facebook page with Café opening and RU Day.

5) Another Social Media Outlet for the libraries (Harry)

RUL now also has a Twitter page. Group reviewed some tweets that have come through from library patrons using and discussing the library through Twitter. Harry and Katie Anderson have been responding to patron tweets.

6) Group Discussion

A new RUL email newsletter has been approved by Marianne. The format is still being worked through. You will be able to subscribe to the newsletter. The newsletter will focus on research, services and events.

Harry asked group to pick a librarian to poll and report back to next meeting. Group would like feedback on: How does faculty perceive the library? What are the librarians learning from students and faculty in their areas?

Next Meeting: Thursday, December 16th

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