Minutes for January 24, 2013 Meeting

Harold Glazer, Glenn Sandburg, Rose Barbalace, Linda Langschied, John Brennan, Julie Still, Mary Ann Koruth (recorder)

Announcements (Harold Glazer): Christine Wolff has joined the committee and will contribute articles to the newsletter.

The multi-year marketing plan was approved and posted. Marianne Gaunt felt it better to scale back an effort to reach out to legislators.

The Scarlett Latte café (via a message sent by Rebecca Sloat) is adding new food items to the menu, new paper cups, and a new rewards program. The sourcing company has been changed to Small World Coffee based in Princeton. This will reduce the price of coffee charged in the café. A table tent and mailings will be created for advertising purposes in buildings nearby.

E-ssentials newsletter will be sent out in mid-February

Rutgers Day preparations and planning are underway.

Re-Branding campaign (Rose Barbalace) - There needs to be a clear marketing campaign and a budget. Questions about how to build and learn about our brand can be answered by interviewing students. What students want from the Libraries remains to be seen, and will come through once the interviews are over. Linda raised the question of how relevant the four concepts/pillars are now. Should they even be considered a starting point for the reassessment of the Libraries brand. John reminded the team that the slogan for the Libraries is a result of the four concepts identified in 2008.

Harry said that the Libraries have tried to gauge our identity in the public eye every year. Usually, this is done by scanning data from the "Counting Opinions" survey and seeing if it corresponded to the four concepts. He asked if we should bring in someone from a marketing background to tell us how to rejuvenate the brand. Rose said that Merve would look for a marketing professor to provide insight. Linda and Harry asked if we knew of other academic libraries' branding efforts.

Harry shared an article about an independent bookstore that has stayed profitable largely due to the quality of service it provides. The group discussed how the Libraries' brand would translate online. Koruth said that the new RUL website would implicitly address issues like high quality service, quick and easy access to materials and help, etc. However, this would not replace a branding campaign that should explicitly address these issues.

Conclusion: Rose will continue research and will report at the end of the spring 2013 semester. The four concepts identified in 2008 are still durable, but we have to make sure that they are still being addressed in the online/digital age. This is an ongoing process and developments will be reported to Marianne Gaunt.

Creation of Marketing video for Libraries, aimed at Alumni and donors for fund raising purposes (John Brennan): John is working with University Relations about - a) Meeting the vendor with a mid-range quote (there were three vendors); b) Negotiating the price; c) Next steps for video creation.

Conclusion: It is hoped that the signed contract should be ready by the next marketing meeting.

News gathering visits to Dana and Robeson Libraries (Harold Glazer):

  1. Dana Library news story about donation of books about Islam to the Library.
  2. Robeson Library story about a sports exhibit.
  3. Camden Library story about experimenting with social media at the libraries. Katie Anderson is doing a lot of social media coordination.

The next marketing committee meetings will be held on March 7th, April 11th and May 16th.

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