Minutes for March 7, 2013 Meeting

Rose Barbalace, John Brennan, Harry Glazer (chair/recorder), Jen Hunter (guest), Linda Langschied, Jean Madden, Tracey Meyer, Steph Mikitish, Bilge Olgun (guest), Glenn Sandberg, Julie Still, Michele Tokar, Christine Wolff.
Merve Fejzula, Mary Ann Koruth, Daphne Roberts, Tao Yang.


Tracey reported on her experiences as the new editor of the Libraries’ E-ssentials email newsletter, having designed and sent out her first issue in February. She said that the layout process was a bit challenging but, when completed, the results were quite gratifying. The next issue is slated for publication in April.


Harry formally welcomed Christine onto the team and mentioned that she will be assisting by writing news stories for the website and publications.


John advised the team that (with guidance from University Relations and Marianne Gaunt) he selected a vendor to produce the video, Diversity Inc, and he and Harry have been working closely with them on an outline for the video. John asked for suggestions of colorful RUL images and/or webpages that might be included in the video and team members recommended NJDH, LibGuides, Civil War exhibition news pages, and the monitor in the lobby of Alexander Library.


Jen Hunter, a MLIS student at SC&I with over 11 years of corporate experience in communications and branding, spoke with the team about “What is a brand and how a company makes a brand ‘real’.” She discussed the important of developing a brand guide, determining brand attributes (ex: Nike is big on empowerment while Home Depot focuses on Do It Yourself), and identifying ways a brand may differ as it is presented online vs. in person. She stressed the importance of monitoring and enforcing the brand internally stating that, in her experience, corporations have zero tolerance for deviations, down to email signatures. She said that brand messaging should not be about the company but about the users and their needs, wants, and views.


Harry introduced Bilge Olgun, an SAS junior who recently launched (with Harry) the Libraries’ new Instagram page. Bilge invited all team members to submit photos for possible use on the site and mentioned that she plans to promote the site by holding a contest in April. In the few short weeks since the Libraries’ Instagram was established, it has already attracted over three dozen followers.


The meeting concluded at 3:45 pm.

Minutes prepared
April 5, 2013

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