Minutes for September 7, 2011 Meeting

Jane Otto (chair), Isaiah Beard, Matt Gallagher, Michelle Oswell, Jane Sloan, Gracemary Smulewitz, Eileen Stec, Mary Beth Weber
Vibiana Cvetkovic, Tibor Purger


Michelle Oswell reports that she can't get into Sakai; J. Otto will look into the problem.

Follow-up on outstanding action items

Ordering Subteam August 3 business analysis and follow-up questions

The Order Subteam met for six hours to document RUcore, NJVid, and the Library Catalog workflows; K. Ananthan was business analyst and J. Maguire was reporter. Minutes were just distributed; we will extract workflow and test it. In the course of discussion the group identified some workflow gaps and questions (both philosophical and administrative) it wished to discuss in a larger policy-making group. The Media Team discussed who should be involved in this meeting. J. Otto will email G. Agnew and T. Izbicki to request a meeting with them (including Tom in his role as both AUL sponsor and CSC chair), as well as R. Marker (as Repository Collections Manager), as well as K. Hartman and L. Mullen (as LRC co-chairs). The Order Subteam can continue on other workflows while it awaits answers to these questions.

Order form specs

M. Oswell drafted a document indicating elements, notifications, and routing for proposed online order forms. The Media Team envisions fillable forms linking from a splash page. G. Smulewitz will send elements required for ebooks. J. Otto will send requirements for Media and Music materials. LRC, the New Brunswick Collections Group, Newark/Camden selectors, and others will need to vet the later draft.


Jane and Jane reported to Cabinet on NJVid, August 16, 2011. RUL has not subscribed to Learning on Demand. In terms of the Locally Produced category, the Denda collection is already there, so won't be removed, but nothing else will be added; this feature serves libraries without their own repositories. For RUL, it would require double-cataloging of materials already available in RUcore. The Media Team walked through the NJVid interface, discussing recently added functionalities and possible change proposals. J. Otto will request the following changes from Sujay at NJVid:

According to Sujay (8/29/11 email to J. Otto), NJVid is working on branding to customize the homepage for each institution. The checkbox selection "Show only the content I can access" could be enabled by default on all pages. He will demo this to Otto before it goes live (planned for mid-September). J. Otto will forward S. Daniel's email to the group.

Streaming video searching

The group reviewed J. Otto's document "Four Ways to Find RUL Streaming Video." J. Otto will make minor changes and distribute to the group. J. Sloan will assess where else this document can be made available, including linking from Stephanie Bartz's Library Catalog User Guide, the "How Do I ..." page, emailing to RU-Everyone, and her own Lib Guide.

J. Abraham has also created html code for a Library Catalog search box that enables limits by streaming (using type=VIDEOSTR-N). J. Otto expressed concern that the pulldown options don't match those in other Library Catalog search boxes. Another issue is that databases of streaming video are not retrieved in this search. If cataloging standards permit it, Jane will follow up with Chris and Bob re: the repercussions of changing the item type to VIDEOSTR-N for databases of streaming video. The group also discussed G. Agnew's proposal of a dynamic report of all streaming video. This didn't seem that useful, since the number of streaming titles (over three thousand) is too large for an effective browse title search.

Video project workflow

There was a brief discussion of various means by which video conferences (including the Understanding 9/11 and the Hungarian Media conference) are making it into the workflow, and how notification should be received. M. Gallagher and J. Otto will be meeting today with I. Beard to further discuss video conference proceedings issues.

RUcore metadata projects status and Conference Video Toolkit

M. Gallagher will report on these at the next Media Team meeting.

Permissions document processing

J. Otto announced that the Cyberinfrastructure Steering Committee (CISC) is considering a new procedure for handling licenses, permissions and other administrative documents.

Faculty discussion forum on use of video in the curriculum

J. Otto announced the October 20 Faculty Forum on Video in the Curriculum organized by J. Otto, J. Sloan, Stacey Carton, and Matt Gallagher. This is to solicit teaching faculty perspectives on how they identify and use video, its impact on teaching and scholarship, where they obtain video content, and how the Libraries might support increased faculty use of video. E. Stec will invite Dr. Gregory Moorehead, Michelle will contact the Dance Department. G. Agnew may wish to contact the Graduate School of Education.

Publicizing availability of streaming videos in record sets

Some selectors have requested a way to be notified, as well as check status, of streaming videos made available in the Catalog through record sets. Currently, Carla Zimmerman notifies M.B. Weber, Melissa De Fino and J. Otto when a record set has been loaded, and M.B. Weber announces to the selector's listserv. Carla and Melissa both track batch sets, Melissa tracking the books and Carla tracking videos, audios, and scores. One option would be to put a status document on staff web pages, possibly on the collection development page, combining it with Melissa De Fino's list. Many of the batches come as subsets, and it's not always clear which titles we have and which we don't. G. Smulewitz and M.B. Weber will discuss and report at the next Media Team meeting.

Streaming Instructional Videos Working Group

J. Otto asked about the Streaming Instructional Videos Working Group, which submitted recommendations to the User Services Council December 3, 2009. J. Otto will post the report on the Sakai site.

Action Items








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