Minutes for February 5, 2013 Meeting

K. Denda, M. Gallagher, J. Otto (chair), T. Purger, M. Ruszala, G. Smulewitz, M.B. Weber (recorder)
I. Beard, J. Sloan
J. Reinhart

1. Technical Team Update- T. Purger

T. Purger presented the PowerPoint presentation he had done for the User Services Council. Passcodes will be created for each course that will be using the Wowza streaming survey. Grouper allows authentication for groups of netIDs. Wowza may possibly replace the NJVid platform for commercial streaming video (a new interface is needed), but it will not happen before the end of the current semester. The same server can handle different types of authentication, including Net ID. Some development is required in order to replace the Darwin server for streaming repository-based media.

President Barchi asked OIT to prepare a plan for Tier 1-level data center; RUL will build redundant servers there. The timeframe is short.

2. Wowza Interface- J. Otto

J. Otto distributed screen shots of how streaming reserves and uploaded videos will be accessed via the Wowza interface. There is a short list of commercial videos available through the interface at this time, but more are expected later. The page discussed will be visible only to staff. Users will access files through URLs in the library catalog. The page will become populated as videos are uploaded. The group discussed naming conventions and how to organize titles (folders). M. Gallagher will work with G. Smulewitz to propose a file organization and file naming protocols, for review by Jan and the Media Team.

The group made the following design decisions, which J. Otto will convey to Ashwin Bijur and Chad Mills:

Re: rights documentation, it was noted that with the new webscale discovery service, there could be a change in knowledgebase, which would have repercussions for the current ERMS.

3. VALE Digital Media and E-Resources Committee Update- G. Smulewitz

G. Smulewitz had nothing to report.

4. Licensing/ERMS Issues- M. Gallagher, G. Smulewitz

M. Gallagher and C. Pecoraro examined license language and created a streaming media license template based on NERL and other licenses, tailoring it to media and incorporating the issues most consistently encountered. The template will be used when a vendor doesn't have a license to offer, and when we need to negotiate rights. It can serve as the basis for a new agreement, or used as a checklist of elements that must be considered when approving a license. Optional clauses are indicated. This will be a living document, as the market has not yet crystallized. We would need a separate template for audio materials.

M. Gallagher, working with G. Smulewitz, will add an addendum 4-5 bullet points of guidelines documenting when we would use the template and under what conditions, as well as a Schedule A for listings of titles, terms, and price. The next step is to take the template to the Library Resources Council (LRC) for review and feedback. The license terms template is on the Alex T drive. Negotiating of licenses will be limited to G. Smulewitz, M. Gallagher, and C. Pecoraro.

It was noted that some generic licensing terms are on the RUL website at http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/about/boyle_licensing_terms.pdf. There was also discussion of the Libraries statistics page, which is very out of date and may include non-public information.

How to handle media orders related to licensing that are sent to the Media Team listserv was discussed. If M. Gallagher is communicating to G. Smulewitz and C. Pecoraro about a license, he will change the subject line to "Licensing." When a license is signed, G. Smulewitz or C. Pecoraro will use the subject line "License executed".

The usability of the ERMS for streaming media and a possible interim solution was discussed. Everything will need to be handled manually if we purchase a discovery layer since it won't be interoperable with the ERMS.

5. Assessing Bibliographic Records for Government Documents (approximately 400 streaming and 250 physical videos)- M. Gallagher

This item was tabled.

6. Workflow Meeting Follow-up- J. Otto

J. Otto asked everyone to review notes from the workflow meeting that was held in November, 2011, and be prepared to discuss them at the next meeting.

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