Minutes for November 20, 2013 Meeting

Kayo Denda, Matt Gallagher, Jane Otto (chair, recorder), Megan Ruszala, Jane Sloan, Gracemary Smulewitz, Mary Beth Weber
Isaiah Beard, Tibor Purger

Special Media Educational Session

The Team discussed the PowerPoint presentation drafted for the special educational session, and agreed:

Media Orders Team

There is still confusion about the role of the Media Orders Team and the use of the Monograph/Firm Order Request form. J. Otto will ask T. Izbicki to place the Media Orders Team fact sheet on the collection development page, and suggest a "Request an order" page, which would include links to information on ordering 1) media (audio or video, physical or streaming), 2) serials, and 3) monographs (print and electronic).

The template is about to be employed for the first time.


J. Otto will request the Cabinet sponsors add J. Sauceda to the Media Team.

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